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  1. niakulah

    Help! Sharpening French edge skiving tool

    I use this to strop my french edgers. Never had to repair the edge before but I'm guessing I could probably do it on this with low grit sandpaper.
  2. I'm cheap so I use craft foam.
  3. niakulah

    Hand sewing long runs

    Any tips on how you handle 12 feet? The most I've done is 8 and it was a real pain. I put chairs on either side of me and put the thread over the chair backs so that they were out of the way while I pull and what not.
  4. niakulah

    Affordable electric leather creaser

    I remember reading from someone, multiple handles means you don't have to wait for the head to cool before switching out the heads. I'm pretty sure it was Chester Mox, but I can't find it right now. Anyway, checkout their 4 handle setup.
  5. niakulah

    How sharp ?

    Thanks. I currently use a diamond plate and buff stick for maintenance. Was thinking more of sharpening new tools and changing angles and that sort of stuff. For example I bought a new old stock George Barnsley marking knife last year. It took me 2 evenings of sharpening it on the diamond plate to get it usable. And another evening on the buff stick to get it properly sharp and mirror polished. All in all still an enjoyable way to spend my evenings after work. But I'd rather do more leather work.
  6. niakulah

    How sharp ?

    The 60 grit is for wood so I won't be using that. I meant I'll just buy a 1000 grit for now and not 600,800,1000 like you have. I don't want to spend the night changing from 60 to 600 to 800 to 1000 and back to 60.
  7. niakulah

    How sharp ?

    It's an Axminster. Uses 6x48" belts.
  8. niakulah

    How sharp ?

    Thanks. I'll go with 1000 for now. I've not tried changing the belt yet. If it's too time consuming I might just use that 1 grit. I'd have to change it back to the 60 before I leave and I don't want to spend all night changing belts.
  9. niakulah

    How sharp ?

    What grit belt do you use for your knives? I have access to a belt grinder at work but they use a 60 grit. Thinking of buying my own belts for it.
  10. That looks amazing! Fully lined? What thickness did you use?
  11. niakulah

    Solid brass Money Clip

    They look alright. Haven't actually used them yet.
  12. niakulah

    Solid brass Money Clip

    Try Wuta. WUTA High Quality Brass Stainless Steel Spring Money Clip Bar Slim Leather Wallet Craft Supplie Open Coil Cash Holder Clamp 2pcs
  13. niakulah

    New TITANIUM awl review

    Great review Phil. I saw this on IG when they launched it in their shop. Couldn't see in their pics what they meant by a square awl, your video is much clearer. By any chance have you seen or used the square awl from 6T?
  14. niakulah

    New pricking irons unboxing

    Some bluetac might help with that
  15. niakulah

    New pricking irons unboxing

    Link didn't work on my phone but I can see it now on my PC. That looks like a useful little light!