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  1. That looks fantastic. I can't wait for the tutorial.
  2. akguy59

    Smooth edge question.

    To get really slick edges requires sanding. Depending on the individual piece of leather I may have to sand as fine as 800 grit. I will usually start at 150, go to 300, then to 600grit. The occasional piece of leather will require 800 but in my experience 600 is enough. I also find power burnishing to give a smoother finish than by hand. I gave up using water for burnishing because it just didn't seem to work as well as gum trag.
  3. akguy59

    New member from Colorado

    Greetings and Merry Christmas. Your story sounds pretty much like mine as far as getting started. You have come to the right place for instruction and feedback. This forum has some of the most helpful and friendly people you will find anywhere. Welcome and enjoy. BTW what part of Colorado are you in? I'm in Austin over in Delta county.
  4. THANK YOU!!!!! I am glad to finally see someone carrying a glock in something besides kydex. Great looking rig by the way.
  5. Thanks for the replies. You have given me several options that all seem to have a lot of merit.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I also have access to metal banding material at work and was wondering if that wouldn't be another one to try. It's already painted, easy to cut, and fairly stiff.
  7. Hi folks, I just have a quick question that will probably seem a bit silly to some but here goes. I am ready to try my hand at a holster with a metal reinforced mouth. What kind of metal is commonly used for the reinforcement piece. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. akguy59

    Case for small button accordion

    That is a beautiful bag. You should be very proud of how it turned out.
  9. I am a metal fabricator with over 30 years in the biz and I can tell you that 316 ss will not take or hold a decent edge. I am amazed they would even try to use it as 316 is structural grade ss. You have never seen a knife made from any 300 grade of ss, you have to get into the 400 series before you find suitability for a cutting tool. I would pass on these even if they were free.
  10. akguy59

    Leathercrafting helped save my life

    First of all I love the leather projects. More importantly, best of wishes on your recovery. Everyone I know that has beaten cancer has done in big part ( I believe) to their positive attitude. In other words keep your chin up and God bless you.
  11. It looks like I have a money saver to include. I have been making leather bracelets that are 1 1/8" wide. As I looked on line for strap end punches I was surprised to find that it would cost me $50 or more for one. I remembered that we have a washer punch at work that is made out of 2 hole saw blades with the teeth ground off and sharpened.. I thought I would try this idea to make a punch and see how it would cut. I ground off the teeth and ground half the diameter up about 3/8" then sharpened it and it gives me a beautiful smooth round end to my strap. Being these bits are made of pretty decent steel it should last a long time. It cost me $10 for the cup saw but if you have one laying around it would be practically free. Good luck all.
  12. Thanks for the advice folks. I found some pre-cut straps at tandy and ordered them this afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks again.
  13. Good morning folks. I've been a member here for a month or so and have been soaking up all the great information and tips. I do have to say that this forum is populated by some of the most helpful and friendly people of any of the chatrooms that I have looked at. Anyway, on to my question, I have finished the body of a chest type holster and I am in the dark about the straps. I need to know what is the recommended weight of leather for the straps and also a source for them. I found what I think I need at buckleguy.com but I need to know I am ordering the right leather. They are presently out of the 4.5/5 weight which seemed about right to me but if that is the right weight then I may need to go elsewhere. Thank you in advance for your help and advice.