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  1. I have heard of fish leather but not sturgeon. I am curious about it though. Do you have a website with a link?
  2. Great job Devil Dog. That is a beautifully done holster. BTW love your screen name, and that's coming from another Old n Slow Marine. Semper Fi brother.
  3. Very unique and beautifully executed. That's just too cool for words.
  4. That is one good looking belt. As an avid fly fisherman I would be proud to own a belt like that. Great job.
  5. I just saw yesterday on a Tandy email that they are selling foreign made veg tanned hides for $50. It is stated that these have holes, scars , etc.
  6. If you are handy with tools you could try making your own. I made my own bevelers and backgrounders from some 3/8 brass round stock that I ordered from Grainger. All you need is some files and sandpaper for the bevelers. Since you already have a Tandy beveler you have a guide to model your own to.
  7. Look at the top of the page. Leatherstamp tools. com. Beautiful tools at very reasonable prices.
  8. akguy59


    I would use dye. Multiple coats of oil will make the leather too soft and shorten it's lifespan.
  9. Thank you to all who have responded. You have given me good options to try. I still haven't decided but you have given me some choice to look into. thanks again.
  10. Hi folks, I need some help finding a good cutting surface. I have been eyeballing a Novalene block at Weaver leather supply but all the rating were by people using them for punching so I'm not sure if it is suitable for cutting. I saw mention in another thread about Induscousa.com. They make a hydroma cutting board that is reasonably priced but their website only has a phone number and I am not near a phone in the day time. I guess I am trying to find out if anyone has used these and if they fit my needs or if you have other options I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I myself have never worked with distressed bison, although I have it on my try soon list. That being said I would contact your supplier, send them the pictures and let them know that you find that totally unacceptable. They may tell you that the scars are part of the "character" of bison but in my opinion the holes make this particular cut a piece of trash. You payed good money for a good cut of leather and got garbage. I would definitely try to work out an exchange or refund. Let us know how it works out for you.
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