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  1. akguy59


    Beautiful work my friend.
  2. That is one nice looking holster there. I don't usually care for drop leg style but that is very nicely done.
  3. That's one really good looking combo. Great job.
  4. Great job. That ostrich looks very classy.
  5. That is one good looking holster. Great job.
  6. That is the first time that I have ever seen leather wrapped pistol grips. I've been a firearms aficionado (gun nut) for over 50 years and that is incredibly unique. Great job all around.
  7. Those are absolutely amazing. I would be so proud to have made something that cool. Great job.
  8. Very ingenious way to make it work for you. Kudos for thinking outside the box.
  9. Dude, really nice. I love the rattler skin, really makes it pop.
  10. That is a great looking sling but like everyone else I am intrigued by the stitching.
  11. I have heard of fish leather but not sturgeon. I am curious about it though. Do you have a website with a link?
  12. Great job Devil Dog. That is a beautifully done holster. BTW love your screen name, and that's coming from another Old n Slow Marine. Semper Fi brother.
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