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  1. akguy59


    As a former Marine, I can tell you I would be so happy to receive a gift like that. Absolutely great. BTW tell your friend that he is about to experience the toughest, most rewarding portion of his life.
  2. akguy59

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    I love to see someone doing western holsters with something other than flowers.
  3. akguy59

    Lining a laptop sleeve

    Sorry about that. Once I saw that there were pictures my reading comprehension just kind of went away.
  4. akguy59

    Lining a laptop sleeve

    That turned out really great. I love the "distressed" look of the leather, could you share the source please?
  5. akguy59

    Dopp Kit Cover

    That looks really good. It will make a great accent for whatever you put it on.
  6. Very nice work. I love the dopp kit , is the distressed looking leather the kudu?
  7. akguy59

    Weaver stitching chisels ?

    Thank you. That is pretty much what I figured. I don't mind spending a little time polishing or sharpening, I just don't want to waste my money on something that is going to break with normal usage.
  8. akguy59

    Weaver stitching chisels ?

    Hi folks. Just looking to see if anyone has some info on the Weaver brand stitching chisels. I got an email saying they are back in stock and when I saw the prices ( around 20$ a set ) I was quite curious. I read the reviews on their site and all but one was positive. I would like to get multiple sets so that I would be set for different stich patterns and this seems like a reasonably priced way to go. If anyone has used them I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks all.
  9. I have to agree with everyone else, that looks great. The dark , light contrast really makes it pop.
  10. akguy59

    Paracord "core" thread use?

    I tried some just because I had a bunch left over after a project that just used the outer sheath. To keep the strands under control I melted the ends and mashed them to a point. It worked fine but it was a little fat for what I was using it on and it only comes in white. I think you should give it a try on some scrap and see if you like it.
  11. akguy59

    Finally finished this hardened leather bottle project!

    That looks fantastic. I can't wait for the tutorial.
  12. akguy59

    Smooth edge question.

    To get really slick edges requires sanding. Depending on the individual piece of leather I may have to sand as fine as 800 grit. I will usually start at 150, go to 300, then to 600grit. The occasional piece of leather will require 800 but in my experience 600 is enough. I also find power burnishing to give a smoother finish than by hand. I gave up using water for burnishing because it just didn't seem to work as well as gum trag.
  13. akguy59

    New member from Colorado

    Greetings and Merry Christmas. Your story sounds pretty much like mine as far as getting started. You have come to the right place for instruction and feedback. This forum has some of the most helpful and friendly people you will find anywhere. Welcome and enjoy. BTW what part of Colorado are you in? I'm in Austin over in Delta county.
  14. THANK YOU!!!!! I am glad to finally see someone carrying a glock in something besides kydex. Great looking rig by the way.
  15. Thanks for the replies. You have given me several options that all seem to have a lot of merit.