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  1. resqman

    Other uses for recycled upholstry leather - Ideas Please!

    wallets, purses, gloves
  2. resqman

    "Must have" stamps?

    Kinda depends on what type of tooling you wanna do. Bevelers are used for every stamping, tooling or carving. Steep slope smooth are the most useful. Textured add nice dimension. If you get any kind of figure stamp or basket weave, you will need at least one camo or border stamp If you plan on doing any Sheridan style, you will need the basic 7 set: Bevel, camo, pear, seeder, background, crescent, veiner. Most Sheridan also incorporates a mule foot. Some people develop a collector or hoarder mentality. For instance I have at least 18 different basket weave stamps. Straight, slanted, X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, traditional, tri-weave, celtic, star, etc. Ebay can feed that beast only too well. At last count I have over 300 different stamps.
  3. resqman

    Woolly mammoth stamp

    Have never seen a wholly mammoth 3D stamp. I have seen T-Rex (8414), Pterodactyl (8426), and Brontosaurus (8415). There was an elephant (8467). All of these stamps area out of production but can be found on Ebay from time to time.
  4. resqman

    Fiskar's hatchet cover

    Seems the lacing is in danger of being cut by the edge of the blade. Did you put is an extra layer of leather along the side to protect the lacing from the edge?
  5. resqman

    First Time Tooling

    The leather was too wet and therefore mushy. The leather should return to "normal" color after wetting before you tool.
  6. resqman

    New Molded Falconry Hood Protector And Matching Hood.

    The case is obviously wet molded. Do you tool the case while on the mold? or do you have some other neat trick?
  7. Reminds me a bit of a 3d stamp
  8. resqman

    Big Ugly Nasty Ugly Tool Roll ;)

    Sure is ugly. But it seems to work.
  9. resqman

    Dollar Store Polly Mallet

    Any idea what they weigh? Heavy mallets make stamping/tooling easier.
  10. resqman


    Looks good. Leather may have been a bit too wet for the middle two.
  11. Agreed that your art background shows through. A little bit of chatter on the beveler but for a first project, that is astounding.
  12. resqman

    Tired Of Searching For A Carving Tool

    Similar but different... Built a plywood box surrounding PVC pipe sections. The sides of the box are cut at a 45 degree angle tilting the box over making it easy to review and select tools. Each pipe section holds all the tools of a similar shape or purpose. Lined seeders in one pipe, unlined seeders in the next, oval seeders in the next, backgrounders in one, bevelers in another, etc. Since each pipe is larger than a single tool, I can add to my tool collection and don't have to reorganize a traditional tool board with individual holes to store the new favorite tool next to similar tools. Trying to match tool handle diameters to traditional tool board individual hole sizes is not a problem. The box is about 10"x14" and currently holds over 200 tools with a little room for few more. I am considering building a new box that is one pipe diameter wider to allow for greater separation/organization. For instance all the bevelers are in a single pipe. Would be nice to separate the smooth from the lined/textured. Another 4 pipes would be nice. When I need a seeder, all the seeders are in one area and I can select the correct size. Since I have the lined, unlined and oval seeders separated, it is easy to find the preferred type. I know I want a basket weave, just not sure which one this piece needs. With all of the basket weave tools in the same pipe, review them all side by side and select the best one. I color coded my tools but all the same color. I applied reflective safety orange tape to each and every tool. I work with Boy Scouts and have to take my tools to them. Often the setting is outdoors. At the end of the session, I can easily scan the floor/ground and surrounding areas for Safety Orange and find any left behind equipment. I can also shine a flashlight over the area and partially hidden tools reflect the light making them more easily located.
  13. Nice work. Like the inverted leaves on the inside. Can you share more information about the class? please.
  14. resqman

    Lawn Bowls Carrier

    Cool. Reminds of leather pockets I have seen on billiard tables