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  1. Bienvenue, vous avez quelques tanneries fantastiques en France.
  2. No problem it's worth doing your research as they're not cheap good luck .
  3. This an example of a number 9 Blanchard iron if that helps with your choice , it's on a passport wallet
  4. Django57

    Brolly Strap

    Yep you've got it, just to stop the brolly from unravelling , it originally had a bit of velcro to keep it together , you could as you say adapt it with a strap for a shoulder carry but i just wanted something simple that i can throw the strap in my pocket when it's raining as it seems to be every day here in the UK at the moment. The Brolly is one of those Telescopic type so it's in a closed position in the photo .
  5. Django57

    Brolly Strap

    Idea i had for using up your bits of scrap leather .
  6. This might be what your looking for cheap as well could nearly buy left and right handed to see how they feel . UK based . http://www.hewitonline.com/English_Paring_Knife_p/tl-070-pk.htm
  7. Cheers zuludog i'll do my best to make it . Sent you a PM
  8. I would be up for that zuludog.
  9. Welcome from another Red Rose'r and a Dave , great site and very informative . (Cod Head) if you know about football you'll know where i live.
  10. It looks good on that side but i have to work harder at getting it neat on the back , i'm still learning there are some lovely examples of Fil Au Chinois stitching check out Huns , and Petewon work on here outstanding . Petewon is very good and will answer your questions also he uses the Rators thread on one of his wallets which is cheaper but not as strong i believe.
  11. This 632 with a Blanchard no9 iron
  12. You'll find some useful info on this website . http://www.fineleatherworking.com/linen-thread
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