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  1. I just received mine (Cobra 4)! Major kudos to Uwe...beautifully designed and executed...fits perfectly, and the packing/packaging is 1st rate. Like all of Uwe's stuff, this is professional quality. (Not normally a fanboi, but I do appreciate quality work). Thanks Uwe...great job.
  2. I've received an order for a M&P9C pancake holster. Being in California, this is not an "on roster" gun, so it's likely to be a one off type of deal. Was hoping not to have to buy a blue gun that wouldn't amortize in short order. Question is: Does anyone have such a blue gun that they might be willing to lend/rent for a week or so? Would be willing to put up escrow funds to cover loss, etc. Another alternative would be if anyone is interested in adding to their blue gun inventory, I would be OK with buying and reselling to you after one use. Any takers? Thanks, Rick
  3. 214x1, 328 (fabric) 214x2, 328 (leather point) NM 200 or 25 is listed as the minimum size for 277 thread (25, 26, 27 are recommended).
  4. Should have noted that system 16x257 is for sizes 9-18. System 16x95 is used for needle sizes 19-23. Both are exactly the same system.
  5. Foobee, I believe the 31-15 uses 16x257 system needles. Schmetz SDI or Tri tip needle points will give you a straight stitch. Gros-Beckert is SD point There are other points that will also give a straight stitch but are more suitable for heavy/hard leathers and longer stitch lengths.
  6. Sioux, Thanks for the info....I'd forgotten about Booth & Co. Years ago, I ordered some stuff from them and they were very helpful. Gave them a call this morning and they fixed me up on the stirrup leathers and some billets. Pretty reasonable pricing too. Thanks again, Rick
  7. What type of leather is generally used on English stirrup leathers? A customer has a track workout saddle that she wants the leather replaced on.....wants 3/4" thin and supple leathers. I'm a little worried about stretching/durability. She's not real heavy, but she does use this as her everyday trail riding saddle since retiring from track exercising. Saddle is around 30 years old, handmade and one of a kind ( has western style carving and leather and silver lacing...unique to a "racing saddle") so I want to do it right. Any suggestions on the leather? Harness, Bridle, ????? Also looking for a source for 1/8 - 1/4" thick memory foam rolls. Sheridan Leather was my source, but they are liquidating and I need another supplier. Thanks, Rick
  8. Brentlee, I have her combination beveler, and can attest to it's quality and functionality. All my previous lace beveling tools are now in a box in storage. She's always been very good to deal with and prompt in communicating.....as Eric said, life probably got in the way....keep trying. Regards, Rick
  9. Hi BayPony, If you would like to PM me, we can discuss what you have in mind....definitely interested. Where are you located? Hope to hear from you, Rick
  10. LOL! Funny you mention the stiffener....I kinda screwed up on the order of construction....forgot to sew the stiffener on until AFTER the rest of the holster was put together....what a b*tch to stitch that puppy. As you noticed, it ended up a little short. I thought about trimming the main holster back to meet the stiffener edge, but decided to leave well enough alone. Lesson learned: Take your time and THINK before you do.
  11. Jeff, Ya know, I kept looking at the black holster and thinking that there was something just not quite right.....tried your suggestion and it really brought everything together. That's what's so great about this site. Folks that have done this stuff a few times are willing to share with us newbies....thanks for the tip. BTW, just finished an avenger style for the Shield based on your pattern and once again, it's right on the money. BondoBob and Whistler, Thanks for the comments. Whistler, I can't give you much info. on tanning the tails as I buy them (from Sheridan Leather) already tanned. I will offer my experience with working it however: I love the stuff. It dyes very well, is really easy to shape, etc., and wears like iron. I have a set of bucking rolls that are at least 10 years old, and there is very little wear showing on them. Develops a pretty nice patina. You do have to split the tails down before use as the base is significantly thicker than the tip. All in all, it's a great inlay material...gives you texture without the worry of losing detail when wet forming vs. tooling.
  12. I got pretty much the same measurements as Dan: .805" thick 1.255" wide 5.0" overall length (from back of base plate to front top of feed lips) This is a new 96 magazine, but the dimensions are exactly the same as 92 mags (I shoot both out of the same gun, changing only barrels). Disclaimer: You can shoot both 9mm and .40 cal out of a 96 frame and slide with just a change in barrels, but highly inadvisable to go the other way Rick
  13. Here are my two latest holsters. Black one is a tooled pancake style for S&W Shield with matching mag. pouch...pretty straightforward using JLS' pattern. Other is an avenger style with beavertail inlay for a 1911 Officer's Model (3.5" barrel). It was a little more challenging in that I had to modify a full-sized 1911 pattern. I added a sight guard to the original pattern. Could use a few little tweaks to make it perfect, namely I need to take another 1/4" off the bottom length and add a little more to the sweat guard. Both are for my personal use. Have only made one other holster, so I wanted get comfortable with the process before offering anything up for sale. Next versions should be good to go. These were both hand stitched; I need to get more confidence in my sewing machine (and my own skills) to shorten up the construction time. I gotta say, Jeff's (JLS Leather) patterns are pretty much right on the mark. Have worn these both around the house and in the car, and they carry very well. I made these essentially as range holsters (open carry), but they would work equally well as OWB concealed carry holsters. Thanks for looking: any comments or constructive criticism is appreciated. Rick
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