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  1. I love this. Awesome design. I'm probably going to steal it. I hope you aren't offended.
  2. Thank you everyone! I hope to get a pdf uploaded in a few weeks! Sorry for the delay but my wife and I are having our second daughter on March 2nd and we are moving it to a new house a week or so after that. It's going to be insane. I promise I'll get to a .pdf eventually I just don't have the time right now. I'm not sure if tboyce is back around yet or not but I'm sure he could design this wallet in CAD faster than I could in inkscape.
  3. I mark it with the iron and then open the hole with an awl. When I first started doing it this way (I switched from punching the chisel all the way through the leather) it looked horrible. There is definitely a learning curve and some muscle memory that needs to be developed. I feel much more comfortable with it now. I know that the more I practice the better I'm going to get.
  4. Not gonna happen. I tried it a couple times and to me the stitch is even less consistent from side to side. Maybe its the way I pass the needles through but for me I've gotten the best most consistent stitching from using Valerie Michael's method from her book. For me too I hate pricking two pieces and then trying to line everything up.
  5. Man that is an obscene amount of handstitching! Serious props to you! Looks amazing!
  6. I got behind on a bunch of stuff and have been very occupied in other areas of my life and never drew up a digital pattern for this wallet. I'm very sorry! I'll try to get it posted up at some point.
  7. That's some dedication right there!
  8. I'm going to go against the grain and say I like the all oxblood holster more! Both are very nice!
  9. I doubt you will get much waterproofing out of carnauba cream. I would look at something like sno seal if you want more waterproofing protection.
  10. Awesome! I would love to get into upholstery work. Any resources that would help a beginner? Any tips?
  11. The first thing I would say is work on lighting. Because you probably don't have lighting equipment I recommend using a sheet over the biggest window you can find in your house. Just wait for the time of day when light is coming in the window. Put the bedsheet over the window. This will give you a nice diffuse soft light to work with. I know nothing of video editing but do have a pretty extensive background in amateur photography. I think you can make something decent with what you have. Good luck! And make sure to post it up! I want to see your finished product.
  12. We could always limit the winner to two picks. After that if they keep winning the runner up could pick the next pattern?
  13. I'm not sure how you guys and gals feel about this but what about after all the submissions are in we and the forum vote for a "winner?" We could do a poll just for fun? Maybe it will add just a bit of a competitive edge?
  14. Man Chief that's a great list! Seldom Scene is awesome. I just didn't know the dobro player's name! I've also heard of Rob Ickes. He's a beast. I'll have to check out the others you listed! Thanks, Joe
  15. Yeah its duck cotton. It looks extra thick because I fold it over at the edges to prevent fraying. Thanks!
  16. Love it. Love me some jerry Douglas too. Any other awesome dobro players I should check out?
  17. My solution to the glue was to sew the ribbon pocket in. Here's an example of what it looks like:
  18. It's usually 4-5 or 5-6 oz. The straps and pockets on the last bag I made were 6-7 oz. I hope that helps! Thanks Bill! And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! Thank you sir!
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