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    Hunting ,fishing, leather work ,welding....

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    sewing , lacing , carving
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  1. ehvhram

    My First Guitar Strap

    Looks great
  2. ehvhram

    Lone Ranger

    Those look great ! nice job.
  3. ehvhram

    Sheath and knife

    Very nice!
  4. Beautiful job! I have a pair of old vaquero 44mags id like to make a rig for soon, Very nice.
  5. ehvhram

    First Shotgunbelt

    Very nice work.
  6. ehvhram

    Ruger P89 Holster

    I like it!
  7. ehvhram

    Sailing - The Riggers Mate

    That's a great looking setup. Very nice work.
  8. ehvhram

    Badger bag

    Very nice!
  9. ehvhram

    Two New Western Wallets

    Looks great!
  10. ehvhram

    Casing Leather

    Thank you for the pdf, This explains a lot of issues ive had.
  11. Both holsters look great, very nice work.
  12. ehvhram

    Tooled Braces/Suspenders

    Awesome work!