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  1. I'm looking for a Single Six, Ruger Wrangler, or similar revolver blue gun to use as a blocking holsters. 4 5/8" barrel preferred. I have Single Action blue guns but no smaller .22 calibers. Thank you
  2. Ebay has their own banking set up now, instead of going through paypal. Prob that.
  3. Oh man, I like that.
  4. Might have to make the holster more than once, until he's happy. So price for research and devlopement.
  5. Bummer, I picked up some from Campbell Randall but there's not hole in the side.
  6. There was a company Bufflao Brothers or something simliar in Albuquerque that I use to buy logo snaps from. I can't find them on the internet right now.
  7. I had some in cart, thanks for the heads up. I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I worked in a leather shop but the sewing guys where seperate and most valued.
  8. Thank you very much. I was hoping there would be clones of this machine, for parts sake. And thank you for all the other 441 info you have written on here. Sebastian
  9. Hi, can anyone help me find a place to buy bobbins for a Juki TSC-441? I've read through all these Juki posts, went through the manuals, and believe the one I need is Style 33 Part number 210-57401. I've searched google, ebay, and the suppliers listed here but not sure who to buy from. Does anyone have a prefered vendor for oil, needles, ect for industrial machines? I'll be making rifle scabbards and western holsters to help my family get by. I was very lucky to be given a well used Juki so just need to figure out how clean it up and run it. Thank you for reading this and howdy from the southwest.
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