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  1. Did they get back with you? For sure send them an invoice for the item. At the least they may send it back in the mail. They don't sound like their current team knows what are doing. I've done work for winners of Shark Tank and also private branded labels for companies like the Sportsmans Guide, neither asked for a non-compete. Sending samples is always a risk. Only the better companies with pay for samples or give them back. The worse thing that has happened to me was the sample was taken and then given to another company to reproduce by a South African company. Six weeks is normal when buyers are considering new items or manuf. I hope something positive and great came from all this.
  2. I think it's just a new generational thing. Many young adult and kids will just donate to help each other. I wish I had thought of this when the company I worked for went out of business. I wasn't able to find work for a year, not even walmart. Wife took two jobs, food stamps, repairing kid's clothing, ect. That sucked. Maybe not here but on facebk or something. I don't think I could just donate having two kids. It would mean taking something away from them. Although if one of you guys who have been helping me so much already with my business were in trouble I would. Just no pizza, burgers, or beer for a weekend or two to budget it out.
  3. Wait, maybe I just need a welt in there. I'll try that first! Thank you for the video link JSL. That was so straight to the point it was brilliant. I get it now.
  4. Great. Thank you, Stetson! I've made holsters before but just on a production line, so just one thing 100 times a day. This is the first time I'm doing the whole piece on my own. Its a lot of fun.
  5. I think I meant mm. I know inches but realized when I flip the ruler over the mm are easier for me to read and use now that I got some reading glasses. Thank you VERY much for the stamping tips. I'm just kinda going at it and learning. Honestly, I was prob drunk when I did this but have since stopped drinking on the weekdays. I think all that staying inside with the kids 24 hours did me in a little last year, idk. I only have one or two on the weekends with the wife if we are out at a ball game. That pic is a lot bigger than the actual holster and I see it's all over the place haha!
  6. New sewing machines are exciting. Yes that's a good price. Nice find!
  7. I made some holsters for Bond arm derringers and they didn't work out. It seems the dummy gun I bought is too small. My question is if I extend the size of the pattern around the edge ends, not the top or bottom, then I should fit, right? Maybe just 10 cm or so. Maybe my sewing and edge rounding ate too much of the original pattern up. I'll be making a paper pattern today. One holster is for a Derringer without a trigger guard and the other is one I had with a trigger guard but a small frame size than a Bond that I tried to make larger. I have the customer's photos on one image and mine on the other. I'm really thankful when customers take the time to send a pic. Thanks for reading.
  8. That looks great. May I ask what is the cant of the holster on the left side?
  9. You can use it to make bandoleros and big gun rigs where you'll stamp, not tool, and dye it.
  10. I think it is an old throwback phrase from the 80's when we were competing with Japan and China. I think in our minds back then we thought there were massive cold machines crafting different things at the touch of a button. Things, the world, and individual knowledge has moved so fast in the past 30 years that it's hard to imagine that we could believe that.
  11. Great idea. I can use this!
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