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  1. The last picture is the top of a change purse. I wanted to show of my lace work!
  2. I recieved a pattern from Diesal Punk RO and decided to make a few changes to suit my needs. I had a few scraps laying around so a decided to use them. I think it turned out pretty good1
  3. Love your pattern making skills.

  4. I had a few scraps left over, and some free time before the next project.
  5. As you may know, I create projects for utilitarian use. I'm pretty happy with this one and it's for sale!
  6. You know what they say about crying once! Lol
  7. Wow! That is the style I'm looking for. I can't find a pattern anywhere. Thanks for the video!
  8. I know exactly what you mean! My father bought a started kit for me to keep me occupied (we moved to the country) and I have been doing leatherwork ever since. It's a good feeling of accomplishment and can be profitable. I wish you well.
  9. Nice job Randall! Welcome from Cleveland, Texas
  10. Welcome Mike! This is the place to learn and share leathercraft. Awesome work! Good luck!
  11. I'm sorry I guess I forgot to say exactly what I was looking for (my bad). The quick draw pattern I was serching for is for the Buck 112. Thanks to everyone who replied. I sorry, I did'nt make myself clear. I hope some can help me. Thanks for the post
  12. Welcome Charley1 from Cleveland, Texas. Lots of help here
  13. Hello everyone! I am in search of a pattern for a quick draw knife pattern. Anyone help is appreciated. Thanks for the post!
  14. BWL


    I did not make it. I bought it from Weaver. it's made of steal and is designed for leather work. The holes in the side are designed for setting rivets and a few other things. I've seen it in several videos and have always needed one. I bought it and I'm glad I did.
  15. I finally did it! I bought a new tool for the shop. I have been seeing more and more leatherworkers with this anvil and the more I've seen it in action (youtube) the more I could justify the cost. I have 1 1/2" Marble on my bench and I have broke it twice. Now that I have an anvil I can replace my tooling surface ( Granite this time). I have already used it several times and love it already ! Thanks for reading my post.
  16. Hello, JeffB957! Barbed Wire Leather from Cleveland, Texas. I'll share a story of my improvements in leathercraft. I have been practicing leatherwork since 1965 and have giving away my projects to family members as gifts along the way. I never expected this! When my father passed away several years ago and we were looking thru his belongings, I discovered, he stored all of this leatherwork I had given him away and never used what I had given him. I was so embarrassed to see my first projects. They were so primitive but, to him they were priceless and he stored them for safe keeping. With that said, I got a real snapshot of the progress of my leatherwork, OMG! No matter how bad are good you think you are there is always things to improve on. I improve on every project. Leatherworkers on this site share their knowledge, and I really appreciate it and don't thank them enough. It's a process and a labor of love for me. In closing, I thank everyone here for their knowledge and their relationship that are found here. Keep up the good work!
  17. Welcome! Good ideas, good friends and lots of help if you need it !
  18. That's a nice piece of work! I like the simplicity and very utilitarian. That's my style.
  19. from bow to crate! I have all my crappy and unfinished projects there
  20. You are lucky My friend! Great job on the rebuild!
  21. I am looking at the different types of foil, hot stamping machines out there. I have a client that wants a gold foil stamp for logos and I.D. Tags. I've seen different techniques with different tools and machinery. What is the best? Any ideas? Thanks for reading my post
  22. BWL

    Wichita Falls leather show

    Rhale, I need a road trip from this Covid! Can you please post more info. on that? :))
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