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  1. Thanks guys, I figured with an edge that wide, I gotta make it look good.
  2. I'd like to see this thread get back on track. I know that there are a lot of self appointed "experts" on YouTube and when a person's just starting out they have to wade through a lot of not so good information and that can be a confusing waste of time. I have my own YouTube channel and I invite advice, comments and opinions because there's always more to learn. On the topic of pattern making, I've had 3 years of drafting and a year of mechanical drawing classes, I make my own patterns but I do know that there's lotsa good advice out there.
  3. Rohn, The billets and the strap are 8-9 ounce. The strap's double layer 8-9 ounce 'cause it needs to be stiff enough to hold up guns, knives and anything else the fellow I made it for wants to hang on it. The keeper's 7-8 ounce. The strap can be a lighter leather or just lined with a lighter leather. I'm planning on making a ranger belt for myself with just a single layer of 12-14 ounce for the strap. That should be just right to hold up my trousers and carry my ccw snubby. Check out the build series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-CUyOfIuQI&list=PLQtTNBOy6Ky-qQyo2j2J7zdCyIvp02O-P
  4. I like it. Nice even dye job and really nice stitch line. Just nice and clean.
  5. If I was making it for myself, it'd have a loop with a shiny concho and some tooling. The fellow I made it for wanted it plain and brown.
  6. I didn't make the pouch, it was sent to me, unfinished, by the fellow I made the rest of the set for. I wouldn't mess with him.
  7. This was an interesting project. That's a big knife. The stitch down the back.
  8. I've got a belt stitcher, it's called my wife:
  9. Looks good to me. Where we live in West Virginia, we're frequently in Maryland and Virginia, so I havta be sure to follow knife laws in all 3 states. Butterfly knives are legal to own but illegal to carry, same with switch blades and assisted opening knives. Maximum pocket knife length's 3 1/2".
  10. I almost forgot the video series. Didn't want to release it until after Christmas: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQtTNBOy6Ky90vZrRaeWGASVcMD_m_DuX
  11. She's does both gymnastics and dancing. Last time we visited she was practicing hand stands and flipping out of them. So my wife had an idea, have her name doing the same thing. Jess loved it.
  12. Glueing the front and back of a smooth leather lined pancake holster. Pretty basic stuff here:
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