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  1. I recently did a few belts this way. After stamping I resisted using Wyosheen. After that dried I mixed a bit of dye with the Wyosheen (I read about that trick in one of Stohlman's books) and carefully used a small paint brush to go around each letter. After I'd gotten enough distance from the letters I dyed as usual.
  2. That was my thought as well. I do like Resolene. And I'll end up using both eventually. Between Leather Balm, Resolene, Gan Kote, "Neat Lax" and Wyosheen I have all my finishing needs covered.
  3. I haven't ordered from him yet but I've read nothing but great reviews about him and his business.
  4. Edit: Springfield says Clear Lac has been discontinued. Ordered through Barry King!
  5. I'm on Springfield's page now and can't seem to find it. Any suggestions?
  6. I know Springfield has the "old faithful". I guess I need to go ahead and order some. I was just very disappointed.
  7. I was in a Tandy store a month or so ago. Hadn't been in about a year. I got all excited because they had brought back "Neat Lac". Has anyone else used this yet? Because unless I'm losing my marbles I don't think this is the same as the old Neat Lac they used to carry. Old Neat Lac was thicker and had a much different smell. The new product is thin like Resolene and behaves and smells very similar. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience.
  8. Sorry to drag a thread back from the dead but... If I'm doing something that will be worn I generally don't dye the flesh side. I do coat it with a finish though. My personal method: tool or stamp then one light coat of neatsfoot. Dry at least overnight. Sometimes as little as 8 or up to 16 hours. Then a second coat if antiquing. If not then dye. That again dries at least 8 hours then buffed and coated.
  9. Yin, if you're carving and tooling a lot, then no. You're doing fine. I just don't have the time to do as much tooling as I'd like. As someone said glycerin is available at any drug store. I bought a four ounce bottle 10 years ago and still have plenty..
  10. Thanks Yin. It was Bruce's recipe I used but couldn't remember what it entailed. I mixed up a quart bottle a year and a half ago and I'm still on the same bottle..
  11. Somewhere on here is a recipe for a casing solution. I forget who posted it but remember it contains Lexol and something else. I experimented with it and did see an improvement in the burnishing effect the tooling took one.
  12. I go through this with every single piece I make. Something, anything, makes me think, "it's ruined". Yet, when the person it's made for receives it they never see the flaws I see. Someone told me that's being a true artist, always striving to make the next piece better than the last.
  13. What I do for any strip is to take a bar of green compound and scrape off flakes into a cup. Then I grind them as fine as possible. Add a bit of mineral oil til I have a slurry paste. Then I run this into the leather. It's worked well for the last decade.
  14. I'll check what I have. If I have it, it's yours. May take a few days. I'm out of town til the weekend.
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