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  1. WOW! Stunning work! The amount of thought and all the details you put into that is flat out amazing. The etchings with the frames are great and that edging really makes the whole thing pop.Then add in the impeccable workmanship- it just blows me away. And it does put you in a spring state of mind. I really like the antler hardware, I'm gonna steal that idea
  2. MichaelT

    Maker's Leather Supply

    Count me in as another satisfied customer, never had a problem before.
  3. MichaelT

    Medieval Money Pouch

    Looks great, way to go for upcycling your old chair.
  4. Count me in with those liking the color. I really like the two tone effect. How did you do that?
  5. Wow! That looks great- you really put a lot of thought into that. I really like the mix of different leathers-, the textures and colors really make it pop. I can't fathom why he wouldn't love it- and if he doesn't- check his pulse! Nice rifles too.
  6. Wow! Those colors are really vibrant. While we can debate what the "best" solvent is- what you are using clearly works. I don't get what a mermaid has to do with a bison- but your customer does, and you did a great job on it. I really like it and I get the feeling that the bison is looking at me like I owe him money.
  7. MichaelT

    Shoemaking video kickstarter!

    Thanks to you for sharing the link. I backed it early on and watched with high hopes and crossed fingers. If I was close, I would take a class in a heart beat- but this is the next best thing.
  8. MichaelT

    Tooled and Wet Molded Multi-Tool Case

    Outstanding work, I second everyone else' s comments on how nice and clean it is. I really like the color. Could you share your dyeing technique? My attempts at using Fiebing's medium brown come out much darker. I've tried airbrushing it diluted 1:4 with denatured alcohol (not enough penetration) and swabbing with diluted dye. I can get an even color that looks good, but its much darker than yours.
  9. MichaelT

    Vergez Blanchard European Stitching Clam

    I considered making one in that style- the thing I liked the most was the large throat that would hold a bag with ease- as opposed to the stitching pony style. What I didn't like is how you have to hold the tension with your legs- and that seemed to me to limit how you sat and where at. I came across some plans on Etsy for a clam that's made of steam bent wood and the jaws are under tension- the clam holds the work and you hold the clam, no fighting to keep your legs holding the work.
  10. I understand! Kudos to you for designing on the fly to overcome an unforeseen obstacle. To me that's sometimes the satisfying part- "Now lets see- how can I pull a rabbit out of my hat and make this work"
  11. MichaelT

    Favorite bone folder?

    Count me in as a user of a piece of deer antler. Folding, embossing, burnishing, whatever. I make knives, so there's always a piece laying around.
  12. Wonderful bag, very clean and neat.. I really like how you did the shoulder strap- how it runs through a slider rather than a buckle- very clever. I cant recall seeing that before and I'm going to store that technique away so I can borrow it someday. If I could offer one constructive critique- the attachment tabs for the handle on the flap- what if they were pointed like the strap and strap tabs, rather than squared off? I think it might tie the three together and flow a bit more. It looks wonderful the way it is, but I just think- what if? Again, great bag, I'm sure your mother is very pleased with it.
  13. MichaelT

    Re-enactment needle case

    That looks really great! Can you share some details, like leather weight and stitch length? What are the dimensions and a picture of the buttt stitching?
  14. MichaelT

    Kabar Sheath

    That looks great. You did a really good job on it and it shows that you've done your homework and have had a little bit of practice. As a former Marine- the "Knife, Fighting, Utility" has a special place in my heart. My grandfather was a submarine sailor during WWII and I have his that was issued to him and followed him home. In his words "They gave all of us one on one of our trips through Hawaii."
  15. MichaelT

    Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    I bought some of the brown and all I can say is- WOW!, this stuff is nice. A rich chocolate color that is so buttery soft, man is it soft.