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  1. Looks similar to what this stamp produces - it comes in different sizes for background filling - I use it a lot and like the texture it gives https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/e294-03-craftool-stamping-tool
  2. Time'll tell - I do have a few old seats (that I've replaced with aftermarket on my bikes) that I may do just for learning For the life of me though I can't figger how you guys get the compound curves (the hollow where yer butt goes) molded into the seats without gluing them down ???
  3. Some awesome work there - the downside is that seeing the seats that are being shown here and on other's threads scares me from even attempting one! LOL Nicely done Some awesome work there - the downside is that seeing the seats that are being shown here and on other's threads scares me from even attempting one! LOL Nicely done
  4. How on earth do you get all of your lettering so neatly spaced and lined up? That's always been a bear for me with stamps :0/
  5. nice! especially the line scroll work on the banner - i can NEVER get small scrolly stuff like that good enough to put on an actual piece.
  6. never heard of it before but gonna be watching this thread for sure
  7. Did finally receive mine - can't believe it took 25 days to get here - it was sent on June 1st and I got it late last week :0/ Freekin Canada Post! Likely won't even be able to play with it for weeks now as I have a wedding (daughter's) and huge bbq and then a bike rally to host over the next month or so - see y'all in September! LOL
  8. Still waiting on mine - danged border crossing customs BS is likely slowing it down :0/
  9. Nice - lotsa detail there Question for ya - how do you find the round braid takes bending in the long term? I'm doing a pair of saddlebags right now and shyed away from doing the braid around the whole flap because I was concerned about the braid breaking down where it gets repeatedly folded over etc. Mind you saddlebags put up with a lot more abuse than an ipod cover will? Thoughts?
  10. Grrrrrrrrrrr - of course they are LMAO Not miffed at the sale - I've missed sales before Totally miffed at the fact that I apparently was born under a dark star and miss sales more often than not ;0)
  11. Thanks much - that gives me somewhere to start so I'm not ALL day @ the hardware store ;0)
  12. I've got some doubled 10oz that I need to mount screwback tandy conchos on - original screws are too short. Soooooo what size screws are they??? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone??
  13. Hmmmm, I see damage to an ignition switch coming here - I know people who've had to have their ignition switches replaced and that was only caused by bulky wads of keys - not so sure I'd hang this off the steering column That said, you've reminded me that I wanted to make up some saps for a few of the wimmens who ride in the local area
  14. Quick heads up on these presses - they can use the same dies that are used with *some* of the weaver machines - I was able to get the #104 tubular rivet dies from weaver including the die for setting them with caps - much moire solid rivets than the jiffy rivets and it works like a charm - need three hands sometimes but nice solid results Cheers Rob
  15. Very nice I for one always adjust patterns to the limitations of the tools and my experience factor as well - 'rather do a less detailed version and have it cleaner, than get real detailed and have my inexperience leave it looking shoddy - that said, there is NOTHING shoddy about your work here, that's fo sho
  16. Aaaah, you found the forum - meant to suggest this on my last email but forgot - good luck with the project
  17. If I find that I like em a lot, I have a good buddy in the machinist trade ;0) Can you say stainless steel? I knew ya could LOL
  18. good points - will keep em in mind Will try to remember to do a follow up post once I get it and play with it a bit - at the very least I think it's worth a shot - anything to save the mitts
  19. Ayup, just spoke with them and found that out ;0) Apparently, unless you search for "plastic edge beveler" it doesn't show :0/ I was searching for swivel beveler and the like :0/ So I have 5 of them coming LOL That's enough *shoppin* for one day ;0) Thanks again
  20. Sylvia - you are a doll :) Picking up the phone now Bob - lucky for you it sounds like you've no idea how frustrating it can be to have to do a relatively small bit of carving in multiple seatings ;0) Thanks folks! edit: it's on it's wayyyyyyyyyy LOL
  21. Grrrrrrrrrr - 'knew I shoulda grabbed a couple tips when I heard of em - apparently they aren't available anymore - at least not by my googling anyway - mutter mutter mutter
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