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  1. Great thread! Too many cops though! lol Well lets see, at the moment I am a Singer Sewing Machine technician. I do a little machine work, welding, leatherwork. I have been making obsolete sewing machine parts at the present time, welding a floor in a 57 chevy and a 56 chevy conv. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I am a degreed Industrial Engineer who designs manufacturing machining processes, machine design and plant layouts. I just like turning chicken crap into chicken salad.
  2. The supply book has the prices in it.
  3. Well I think a may know a little more on whats going on with this machine now buy studying your pictures. It will take me a bit to get the machine up and going again. I'm working in the dark with no light, so to speak. I have no prints, nothing to refer to as far as measurements. I now see 3 parts that have been replaced with parts that may have been made in a "local" machine shop. Hat's off to whomever made these parts(I think). A few things I that I see are wrong are that non of the corners have been chamfered causing binding in the corners because of lack of clearances. I will not let this machine beat me!
  4. Thank you so much! You are a life saver! You just earned yourself a stirrup plate at no charge! I can see part number 58735 is home-made in mine. Do you have a part number for the foot you would like made so make sure we are on the right page with that? I will be studying your pics for a while. Thanks again!
  5. That's what I needed and mine is in correctly. Just can't seem to figure it out right yet. Thanks for taking the time to take and post the pictures. I greatly appreciate it! Can I ask you of you another favor? Can you please take off the cover plate in the front of the machine, where the needle bar is located, and snap a few pictures of that? Thanks in advance!
  6. The first set of pictures disappeared. Your pictures are helping me out a lot! Thanks!
  7. Great pictures! Thank you! Great museum too!
  8. Damn nice seat. I really need to do a few seats for my heard. I want to try my 65 Cushman first, then my 69 flh.
  9. Well I really tore into my 97-10 today. It had a few different problems. The needle bar rocker frame rubbing the front plate(fixed), a couple of tapered bolts were too tight also causing the machine to turn over hard (fixed), I loosened and re tightened every nut, screw and bolt on the machine head. I also drilled out the upper needle guide and pressed in a needle guide bushing from a Landis 1 machine. I inspected, cleaned and oiled every moving part along the way. Now for the fun part, I need to adjust and time the stitch length cam. This may be a little tricky. I will start fresh with that in the morning. Hopefully it will be sewing soon. Once that is achieved, it's time to make some new presser feet and needle plates.
  10. Thanks Art for taking the time to clear this up.
  11. Beilers Manufacturing and supply. 717-768-0174 part# 12633 5/16 SS Durable Snaps. $20.00 per 100.
  12. How do you adjust the top presser bar clamp so it grabs and lets go correctly?
  13. I am going to machine a stirrup plate and foot for mine. I can also make you set if you like?
  14. We will be boyz, now and always! lol
  15. It seems to me that you are knocking out the safety clutch. Rein gauge the safety clutch. The springs may be weak in the safety clutch causing it to be knocked out of time each time you break a needle.
  16. Adler 205 is also cast in China and a couple of the processes in Czech Republic. Which doesn't make them bad I guess.They are not made in Germany as Weaver advertises by mouth. They are also super very expensive compared to the other knock offs. It's like anything else out there, buyer beware. That is why I stuck with an old proven American heavy iron machine. This post is like the old Ford vs Chevy scenario. My whole point is only this; Dealers tell the truth and quit bull----ing us.
  17. I sure didn't get the 3 pressers with it. The presser foot on the machine now is adjustable for and aft to compensate for the changing of the stitch length. One thing I did find is that when changed the stitch length to 4 spi the machine was really hard to turn over like it was binding somewhere. I took off the needle bar inspection plate to check for binding and the machine turned over super easy. The needle bar rocker frame is rubbing the inspection cover not allowing the feed to follow all the way through its sequence. That's as far as I have gotten so far. Thanks for your interest and feedback!
  18. Talk to Bob at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine. 866-362-7397 I would be afraid of getting in the middle of this squabble and would bypass them. Just my opinion.
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