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  1. I was always told that hose lines are fat wrinkles, The fibers will be a little more loose and stretchy in that area.
  2. I apply dye and leather balm with atom wax with separate pieces of shearling, defuzz it first, I use the clothes dryer to do the defuzzing, Be sure to wash the piece of the shearing with the atom wax to reuse it. You can get the atom wax in several colors and I use black for MC bags and it leaves a nice satin finish.l let the dye dry first, wipe off the residue then apply the atom wax finish. As far as acrylic finished go, I really like Weaver's Tuff Coat, it comes in clear or black.I wet a sponge to apply WT, I squeeze the water out leaving sponge still wet, but not dripping wet, put the sponbe over the bottle and do a quick flip to get the finish on the sponge. In my opinion, I truly believe Angelus makes the best dyes and finishes, you can get the finish in any color, they have finish like atom wax and several types of acrylic finishes. Their dye is super penetrating and can even dye an edge slicked with gum tragacanth. They also have great leather paint.They also have an acrylic antique finish.
  3. That is he, and he does have a video on quilting, he glued the linen onto the foam. I do not have a good source for the foam anymore, there are different grades of linen applied to the sew foam, but I never had any issues with the low grade linen, actually I think it may be by thread count. There is an Amish buggy shop just down the road from Weaver Leather that use carry it, but I cannot remember their name, but Cowboybob or sewmun may know, they may also know a good soarce, all you can do is as them as they are father and son that owns Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine. Have you asked your leather source about sewfoam? I use the memory foam, like mentioned in the above post, to redo old Harley and Indian seats. I have never quilted with it, but again you would have to glue linen on it. Good luck and practice with cheap vinyl upholstery as it will act almost the same as your leather.
  4. Gavin, The product usually used to get the quilting effect is sewfoam, it is foam with cloth glued on it so the stitching does not pull through. To get the quilted effect and not have the quilting sewn to the liner, sewfoam is it, if you do want the quilting sewn into your linet, then just use foam. You can make sew foam by spray gluing old sheets to the foam or super cheap and thin linen. Now you have to add a shrinking allowance to your cut leather as it shrinks as it gets sewn, be sure to glue the foam to the leather and start stitching in the center and work your way out. Practice to get your shrinking allowances, there is a Latino gentleman on youtube that does a great job teaching and he does not say a word, he does a great job with leather upholstery, i will try to find him and give you the link. Good luck,
  5. What is the thin, flat piece of metal, held down with the vertical slotted screw, just to the right of the arrow shaft, opposite the arrow point? The part looks like it may have a part number on it.
  6. Those dies look pretty odd to me, especially the one with the retaining spring. I saw where a metric conversion converted the outside 24 line snap as 15mm, but did not show conversions of the 2 interlocking pieces, so I would be afraid to try them. Also beware of plastic die listings, they will surely fail. Used dies get listed, on ebay, one in awhile under United Carr. Here is a set of 24 line snap dies that look correct and is only 25% of the usual price of 100 bucks, as you can see look a little different than the ones you posted the link for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIE-SET-FOR-HEAVY-DUTY-MIGHTY-SNAP-SIZE-24-5-8-FREE-SHIPPING-USA/264745077024?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3da4094920:g:UGoAAOSwO9ZezpAq&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkXKoKcbeZcOrOku%2BoOBl%2BSxuMciqcoA0WrBomRi4LsqlaDIcA9UrZpXteVa%2FizpLLQVGAyGgtCq0MIjZG2M%2FHVhM5K1BMRvvrqaBHqeXdKK7vx5yRw%2By2zbJ2dze1m8ERco8CkyjdywrXZ23y%2FKFWFIPPsxzn%2FEB80PhQTTDT4DlA8ZWAXQcDRYJNkpZlZMY%2Bd%2FpdRuYJpL8NHrBKVTm%2FR5CFIS70Np6Ovu6qfkkJXLEt2sxJRvbYZhUARJLt2Rz1ZGe3kGjPUzGhtkuBt0U6lOBYteXnZLmzKmq6TmuZ5qJEkQMeW%2FtcBVzvZExeRSMMnEpzsEqUiMJb3gqp5PnJduMoYaHO7MrdSRYRftUS46Ig%2FVmydVbCrFRy%2BA8YBvmsruVTC967c16yHdhvkvHMRkg81hboAcmMAdeDx%2FHqQRNTxKbcB7tGP8wL%2F8l1HwpN5wa0Zvmmk%2BD12xFASnyeHPbNEAqmbd1ltwvjjBLRkt0BFt1DyLxrvmIautl0NjdQwvUXBxU9wl%2FrupPh5ZhI7cSJhaSsCPHy5cBHj4gUmaAC4VGTR9X1q58L4SQz13tGMwt1CvbwgZLrCzRyVUwiFsdAiEJdokkTg8oqnswBmYsk18toKb2v7%2BdS0DqGJzFDh3f5DSR9ehuxyStyYGEysMpYc3wKzOkRqbcvjlY222hXuXAsI9E60moevMPQeUKFLJOQ7hrnzxvfpx4wEmZMHiXVkrI6D5P974ev1rlQnsQYG5eMcEByfPrwEqpXB4aR%2B2jycdIGjkjO6p9j1Zu9yQ%3D%3D|cksum%3A264745077024581f3c6bb92c47c1a7c046fa6f069d7a|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  7. I will look for some line 24 snap dies a little later today.
  8. Another name for the snaps you using is Segma Snaps. I just found this search, has everything you need and you will have enough money left for over for a coffee. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hand-Press-Machine-Snap-Button-Grommet-Rivets-Eyelets-Fastener-Dies-Mold-Set-DIY/124424546080?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3D0f8d709abb764719a70dfbb227467871%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D30%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D392918784131%26itm%3D124424546080%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2386202%26algv%3DSimplAMLv5PairwiseWeb&_trksid=p2386202.c100677.m4598
  9. Here is an ebay search that should help with what you are looking for. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=hand+press&_sacat=0&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=1 Just past the juice presses is a set of 3 snap dies.
  10. The Amazon price is too much. What size snaps are you setting, line 20, line 24?
  11. The reason for using belly leather is that you want the insole (the leather against your foot) to conform to your foot. Did you ever make your shoes, if so, how did they turn out?
  12. I think they look great! How close are they to Landis 1 bobbins? I know they get mixed up quite often here in the States.
  13. Have you looked through this thread yet? https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/84911-looking-for-cylinder-arm-for-leatherbag-making-necchi-840-100/
  14. Are the stitches per inch the same both forward and reverse?
  15. I just noticed that there was a discrepancy between the thread chart that I posted my previous post and this chart. I have trust in Bob's chart so I corrected my previous post and changed the word ticket number to V number. The V size is the common US measurement for twisted, multi-ply bonded nylon or polyester threads. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads. The T sizes represent the "Tex" measurement system, where the number equals the weight in grams of 1000 meters of thread. If 1,000 meters weighs 70 grams, it is a Tex 70 thread. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads. Please note that the "Tkt" (Ticket) sizes are equivalent to Metric "M" thread sizes used in some countries. Smaller numbers indicate heavier threads. Minimum Needle US/Metric Thread Size: V (T) [Ticket] Government Size Yds/Pound Break Strength Diameter 12/80 33 (T30) [Tkt 80] AA 13,800 1.8 lbs .0050" (.127mm) 14/90 46 (T45) [Tkt 60] B 9,600 7.5 lbs .0094" (.238mm) 16/100/ or 18/110 69 (T70) [Tkt 40] E 6,000 11 lbs .0115" (.292mm) 19/120 92 (T90) [Tkt 30] F 4,200 14.5 lbs .0133" (.337mm) 22/140 138 (T135) [Tkt 20] FF 3,000 22 lbs .0163" (.414mm) 23/160 207 (T210) [Tkt 15] 3 Cord 2,000 32 lbs .0200" (.508mm) 25/200 277 (T270) [Tkt 10] 4 Cord 1,500 45 lbs .0231" (.586mm) 26/220 346 (T350) [Tkt 8] 5 Cord 1,200 53 lbs .0258" (.655mm) 27/250 415 (T400) [Tkt 7] 6 Cord 1,050 72 lbs .0283" (.718mm) 30/330 554 (T600) [Tkt 5] 8 Cord 655 83 lbs .0326" (.828mm
  16. Thread Type Tex Size V number Government Size Yarn Construction (Denier x Ply) Nylon T-70 69 E 210 X 3 T-90 92 F 210 X 4 T-135 138 FF 420 X 3 T-210 207 #3 630 X 3 T-270 277 #4 840 X 3 T-350 346 #5 840 X 4 T-400 415 #6 1260 X 3 T-600 554 #8 1680 X 3 T-700 693 #10 1890 X 3 Polyester T-70 69 E 220 X 3 T-90 92 F 220 X 4 T-135 138 FF 420 X 3 T-210 207 #3 630 X 3 T-270 277 #4 840 X 3 T-350 346 #5 1100 X 3 T-400 415 #6 1300 X 3 T-600 554 #8 1300 X 4 T-700 693 #10 2000 X 3 I should have typed 138 instead of 134. 138 is the V number on the chart which is the same as Tex size 135(T-135) You will see thread size, typed or mentioned, by the V number, by the Tex number or somewhere close, either way folks will know which size you are talking about. I just remember the V number sizes 69, 92, 138, 207, 277, 346 and 415 because I do not use and thread lower than 69 or higher than 415. A good rule of thumb: The highest number of thread that most industrial sewing machines use, that has a presser foot lift of half inch or less is 138, there is several reasons for this from thread tension to needle size. A good example is if it looks like a Singer 111w, series (flatbed machine) or 153series (referenced as cylinder arm or cylinderbed machine) then 138 is max. If you need to use 207 and up, you need a larger machine with a lift of 5/8 or highe, examples are if the machine looks like a Singer 45k series with 5/8" presser foot lift, a Juki 441 with 3 /4" presser foot lift and it's clones or an Adler 205-370 series an it's clone with each having 3/4" presser foot lift. Of coarse there are many exceptions to the rule of what I mentioned, but what I gave you will give you a large head start, if I explained myself well. Here is a link for what thread to use with what needle: https://www.tolindsewmach.com/thread-chart.html
  17. Tex 500 is way to heavy for this machine, 134 is about the heaviest thread. Here is a site that will explain industrial thread: https://www.servicethread.com/blog/industrial-sewing-thread-sizes-explained
  18. I am looking for several shoe lasts, but boy not that many, I do not even think it would be worth your time to look for 5 or 6 pair. Are the lasts wooden or plastic? The buckle dies are off Single Monk Strap Loafers, the shoe print shaped dies are mid soles, soles, foot beds or a combination of all three. The cut off shoe print looking dies are for inner sole that your foot goes against. Do you happen to know the name of the factory they come out of, knowing what the factory made may aid you in the sale of the items?
  19. Russia, Russia, Russia! Again, policies over personality. I do not care what he says, only what he does for us. He did not sell us out like the crazy left. i am not going to get butt hurt over so called feelings. Feelings get you nowhere, discipline does. Why are you talking about our president, you should be spouting out about your "Black Face wearing" sell out prime minister, Jordan Peterson should run.
  20. Oh, I am sure you do, it is very evident that you are a product of cnn and msnbc. It is not even about a party, it is about integrity of our elections like Pa having 240k votes over people registered to vote, about Ga having -40k votes, etc, etc, etc. so yeah sleepy, touchy feely, who took showers with his grade school daughter won fair in square.
  21. The word liberal is a contronym. Some of the jokes remind of getting smacked in the face and then telling me to smile. In honesty, at any other time things could be laughed at and we would gladly play along, but not at this time about our president or especially about crooked election. My dad's family has had this country stolen once before, there shall not be a second time, if this election is aloud to go through with the current so called elector, then the USA no longer exists as we will be a Banana Republic, The People's Republic of America or the U.S.S.A., whichever you you like, America is at war and nothing personal toward you, frankly we have had it up to our eye balls with being told what to do, how to act and having our cities burned down by so called liberals.
  22. Why are you assuming one of the named was referring to you unless you identify with one of them? You do not think that you mocking our President isn't nasty?
  23. Not the tropics, since they are Leninnist, Stalinist or whatever they call themselves like democratic socialists, let's send them all back home to Siberia.
  24. I agree, our government has been selling out the American people for profit for years! Our stockpile was depleted by the previous administration and not replaced. No one mentioned that when the pandemic broke out, China turned the ship around carrying our order of ppe, Our ppe and medicine should have never been made over seas, which leads into the other topic on this thread. The government is also at fault for taxing businesses so high that they cannot survive here. No American company should be aloud to make products over seas, by foreign hands, and then aloud to sell them on our soil, but they shouldn't be taxed too death in the first place. High taxing is what made Trump popular with his policies of low taxation, which has worked, policies over personality. Our American government has made China and India rich by selling out trading off our middle class, Our government is worried about China's aggression, but they created China's power. If the dems get control, higher taxes, they will sell us out again and they want more control over us. We are tired of our government growing, selling us out, caring more about foreigners than they do for us and frankly we have had enough. All the negatives mentioned above are what made Trump popular. We are not going to convince each other of anything on this thread, the absolute best we can do is petition our governments to trade citizenship one for one with Canada, all the lefties up North and all the conservatives come down South. Science or biology? The left always says they believe in science, but not in biology and since viruses are micro-organisms, they fall under biology. So it is not covid-19, it is the China virus, ccp virus, the wuhan flu and whatever we decide to call it as there are an infinite number of names.
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