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  1. I forgot to mention that the machine is 600 miles away from me. If I decide to go pick it up, I will be traveling across Ohio, part of NY to Pennsylvania, if anyone needs delivering and can meet me along this route, please let me know. I might as well make it worth my while to go. (bucyrus, oh)US-30 E (to Mansfield)Take I-71 N, I-271 N(to Cleveland), I-90 E and I-86 E to NY-16 S/N Union Street Ext in Olean. Take exit 26 from I-86 E
  2. What kind of machine are you looking for?
  3. Great video, I liked the slicker twirl, that was pretty slick. Lol Thanks!
  4. No, you are not the odd man out, I agree with you, put the watch in a sealed plastic baggy or cover it with plastic and use the watch form the leather.
  5. Great looking quality boots! Can you elaborate on your lasts? Were they wood, plastic, 2 piece, modified cowboy lasts, shoe lasts, munson lasts? What type of sewing machine for the uppers and soles? Thanks!
  6. Welcome, I know your post is kind of old, but again welcome. I am just now getting into work boot making, but have been doing leatherwork fo several years.
  7. 9-10 oz belly leather makes good insoles as it forms to your foot. As for out, You can use the shoulder area with no less than 10oz, but the sky's the limit really: a piece of old conveyor belting, buy some cheap flat soles online either leather or rubber, whatever you can sew really. Good luck
  8. I have a 47w68 and the parts manual states that the machine is reversed by the treadle. I really have no idea how the reverse works bc I cannot even find a place to hook a chain and there is no reverse lever. Lol
  9. Aven, I knew that it was used to go around the edge of soles, so the wheel just aides the tool by creating less friction as it goes around the edge of the sole? Why do some of these tools have different coarse straight knurl lines on the wheels? Also why does the part of the tool that smooths out the welt have a small edge landing, almost like the edge guide has an edge guide? I have seen these tools with different wheels patterns (more like knurlings) on them and also have seen them heated and used as decorative markings on the soles of shoes inbetween the stitching and edge of the sole, which is not be the proper use of the tool. Thanks,
  10. #2 is an edge wheel for shoe making or repair. #3 is a metal deburring knife used in machining, etc. #5 looks like a spanner screw driver. #6 has me baffled as I have never seen holes drilled in the flutes like this tool????
  11. Ray, I know this is an old post, but did you find what you needed? I think I have the model you are looking for.
  12. This is a 3 in 1 without the skiver on it.
  13. So how did your machine sew with this adapter? I have a singer 111w100 I may dig out and use to sew some shoe uppers, if not I may go ahead and use my cylinder arm 47w68 that I put a roller foot on. I have a Singer 43-5 that has a square presser foot vibrating foot that I would like to put a roller foot on as well, I have found a roller foot for a Singer11-33 that has a square pressure foot vibrating bar, but I think the bar is larger than the 43-5 which is the same size bar as a Singer 16 serious. Did you catch all that? Lol Thank you!
  14. Collar, dog and tree looks very nice! What's in the barrel, rum? Lol
  15. How available are these machines here in the states, as I have never seen one in person? How do they compare to the Landis 12? I think the Forbona is a really neat machine and neat thread!
  16. I have cut v belts and put them back together with hog rings that have held up for a very long time to save from buying a belt. Building a jackshaft, plus buying a belt can really add up. I wish I could help you on shaft size, I really think it is 1/2" but can't bet on it since it is made in japan, so it may be 13mm. Maybe Bob will chime in soon.
  17. Very nice looking picture frame, such wonderful work!
  18. Great job on your work. A small tannery, near me, tans African hides from all over the world.
  19. Another option is to buy a servo motor.
  20. Merry Christmas, Firstly, I sure hope you will live long enough to put well over 8 hours on it. If you leave it sit for that long of time, i would oil it every time you use it and do not use 3 in 1 oil. I always oil my machine the day before using, every night if sewing daily and put a rag under the needle to collect oil that drips over night. I oil the hook and bobbin case every bobbin change no matter what size of bobbin. Your machine should turn over very freely with the handwheel, if it does not, the clutch arm may need adjusted, one way to check this is to remove the belt and see how it turns over, if it turns over a lot more free, then the clutch may need adjusted, what does your brother in law think? Sewmun aka Bob Kovar should know shaft size or have a fix, pulley etc. if you still need aid in turning your machine over.
  21. Merry Christmas to all from the cold. Lol
  22. Oh, wow! What a great looking and super neat pair of chaps! Thanks for sharing your exquisite work!
  23. That is a lot of cash for that machine. Are you going to share your profits with the guys that helped you, I mean their time is money as well when it comes to sales? We would have helped anyway, but I am sure they would have liked to know you were going to sell it. i am pretty sure they feel used. It kind of reminds of this Amish saying he really needed this old bench vise, pleated, begged so it go handed to him, just to see it in his auction the following week, when he was confronted, he said he just needed it for his auction.
  24. Hillside Harness 330-893-1510 between 8:00am-10:30am EST. 4205 TR 629. Millersburg, Oh 44654 They are Amish, so call and ask for their catalog between said time. They make a good share of their hardware and have an endless supply of hardware molds. They do have some hardware made in China, but it is listed as so. They also seam to have the best pricing and the pricing gets lower with quantity. Great supplies, leather and finishes as well. Weaver's leather sells hardware they have made in China, also very expensive retail pricing if you do not have an account, whole sale if you do.
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