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  1. Then you have a Champion narrow throat machine. Toledo Industrial Sewing machine 866-362-7397 can sell you a copy of the manual. They also have some parts. Good luck! Here is a little info on the Champions: http://www.campbell-bosworth.com/articles/Point-Part2.pdf
  2. Here is a picture of a newer style Champion Wide throat stitcher.
  3. Ken, Thanks for the insight and clarification on the machine. I know what you mean about the dealers. Thanks again!
  4. Here is a link to some pictures of the 111s: http://www.industria...ingers/111w.htm Also the manuals are free at www.singerco.com. The manuals explain what the intended use is for the machines.
  5. I do not have one, nor have I seen one in person, but a fellow I know very well in the leather machine industry, said the machine has a very weak upper thread tension mechanism. One set of tension disks are not enough for sewing very thick material. Just something to look into. Good luck!
  6. Glad you got it, but from looking at your pictures, the machine does not look like it is threaded correctly at all. I hope you also got that straightened out.
  7. ryano

    Rebuilt Singer 29-4

    I use 138 in my 29-4 all the time with no problem whatsoever.
  8. Here is a little bit of information and I attached a picture. http://www.industria.../singer/45b.htm
  9. Schmetz quit making the 331LR needles and they are becoming very expensive and getting really hard to find. This is also the the same needle system for the Landis 1 machine.
  10. If you are wanting to lock the thread, then do not use a silicone lube. I would use Frankel stitching wax or Selari's stitching wax. Frankel is made by Fiebings. I, myself, do not like using silicone lube in anything made for a horse because I like to lock the thread.
  11. I use Frankel Stitching wax made by Feibings. It does not clog up the machine. When it starts to solidify I add just a little bit of ammonia and stir it around. I really like it.
  12. Hey I found the corner stitching thread you were referring to. It also mentions grinding the awl. Kind of ironic, I posted it. lol Here is the link: http://leatherworker...showtopic=19908
  13. Hello, I was told the old diamond point needles were used for sewing soles on shoes and costly to manufacture. The new style needle is just easier to manufacture. This is just word of mouth though. Don't know how accurate the information it is. I attached a Campbell stitcher attachment brochure that has the box stitching attachment in the lower left corner. Don't know about regrinding the awl, but I do know the foot has to be removed to sew this way. This is all the information I have. Take care and good luck! CHS-Brochure.pdf CHS-Brochure.pdf
  14. I have never seen one of these before. Pretty neat machine though. Is there any way you can add another picture that does not blow up so big. Really hard to get a good look at it. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Thanks for the information Darcy. Greatly appreciated!
  16. ryano

    Coin purse

    Looks great! Really nice work!
  17. I am in need of a really good needle bar and needle bar race for a Landis 3 stitcher. The race is the fan shaped piece that the needle bar rides in. Keep in mind that the needle bar is at the bottom. Thanks! 567-674-5408 jo386001@gmail.com
  18. ryano

    Landis Model 30 splitter

    Machine has been sold
  19. It is also mine! lol I do have a Landis 3 though.
  20. Hello, I am looking for any Landis 3 attachments. I need feet, roller guides and brackets, lower knife attachment, power stand, loopers, needles and awls. Just about everything. Thanks, Ryano
  21. Hello, You can send them back to Weaver's and they will give you your money back. I am sure they will.
  22. Great looking cover! I like it!
  23. Greetings Jim, The old U.S. Army manual I have is very neat. It has many different kinds of sewing machine repair manuals enclosed between it's covers. Anyone who has a 111w should have one of these. All the machines are Singer. It also explains how to sew many different items and materials. I will see how much it will cost to get it copied. The local print shop is very reasonable and do a great job. It would be nice to have it put on a cd. Well take care and have a great weekend. It is a deep freeze in my neck of the woods. Ryan
  24. I have an old army sewing and sewing machine book that that tells you, how to start and stop the stitch, and not to back stitch on leather. To end you step over one stitch and come back 5 stitches and trim to surface. You start the same way. Keep in mind that stitching wax is used.
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