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  1. Toledo Industrial Machine (Sewmun) 866-362-7397 sells a portable walking foot machine. Not sure on the make or the price. Just know he sells one.
  2. Jim, Thank you for your reply and valuable information. I stated the false information was about the 97-10 and harness only, not the rest of the information. The needle groove is one and a half inches on the 794 needles and that's why I wanted to know why only 5/8 on the 97-10 machine. Buying a new machine is not always the answer though. These are super big investments as you well know. The dealers on the site are very good on letting people know what other options are out there. They all seem to play well together too, so to speak. I know the clones are very versatile on materials. I also know they are an all around good machine for the price and the beginner. With all machines, there are jobs they are not suited for. I know there is one dealer working hard on getting different attachments made up for his machines. As far as reverse is concerned, heavy leather stitchers do not need reverse when you are using a leather needle. Back stitching cuts the thread. This one is always up for debate. People on the site have said the leather needle does not cut their thread on back stitching. I just know mine cuts the thread on back stitching. So I use stitching wax and sew to 1960's military specs. I understand what you mean about the learning curve also. It's not just with the needle and awl stitchers, but sewing with a machine in general. Then there is the knowledge about the materials, sewing allowance, tools and so on and so on. This stuff is not easy. I did not mean to step on anyone's toes here and apologize if I did. I do not think there was any known misguided information either. Sometimes it is hard to type what you want to say because you cannot show any emotion. Thanks again for taking the time to respond Jim. Best regards, Ryan Osborn
  3. Hello, It is adjustable. The stud, thumb screw, clicker board and the mounting brackets are not in that illustration. The threaded hole for the stud is there though. I will give an updated illustration with all the hardware very soon.
  4. If you are going to be sewing leather items only, I would go with a Randall/ Campbell type leather stitcher. There is nothing on the market today that has a nicer or tighter stitch.
  5. If you read Feibings dye chart, It says that white and gray dyes are not compatible with any of their other dyes. The white and gray are not worth a darn.
  6. I use Sheps 100% Neatsfoot oil and Beilers 100% neatsfoot oil. I then use Weavers tuff coat. They sell it in black and clear. How do you apply your oil, Ryan?
  7. I use Feibings 306 black dye. It is for dying harness leather and works great. Does not have that nasty smell like the pro dye. Call Feibings and ask for a free sample. They are very good on giving samples. I buy my 306 from Beilers Supply 717-768-0174
  8. ryano

    Wanted Spot Setter

    Give Keith Pommer a call: 605-372-4523 Good luck in your search!
  9. I am thinking about making a few of them. I made up prints for a machine. Here is a partial rending of the press. Have not calculated a cost as of yet.
  10. ryano

    Rein Rounder

    Here is an illustration of the round breaking rolls that I make. "For forming the strap ready to receive the filling so they may be easily sewed up on the machine. These rolls are made so they may be slipped on the ends of the shaft on any creasing machines. They are made with a toothed flange, which holds the center of the strap and forms a perfect seat for the filling, and not only saves a great deal of time in preparing a round, but puts it in much better shape than it is possible by hand." (Improved Harness Machinery, International Harness Machinery Co., p. 7) The breakers are sized by the strap width for example 1" and 7/8". Hope this helps. The upper roll is knurled to aid in pulling the strap through the breakers. The knurls are not rendered in my illustration.
  11. Mine in Nov. were much lighter also compared to the ones I got in April.
  12. I have nylon halter patterns if needed for many sizes if horses. Send a message if you reply. Thanks!
  13. Looks great to me! Really nice work on a very beautiful rig!
  14. ryano

    Rein Rounder

    Hello! Do you have or need a set of round breaking rolls?
  15. What you are saying is false. Why would you say the 97-10 will only sew 5/8 after the 794 needle conversion. Your machines use the same needle system and you claim they will sew 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch? You even claimed your 7-33 clone will sew an inch with the 794 needle system. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why you would say the 97-10 will only sew 5/8 unless you are just throwing that in for a sales pitch. I have a 97-10 and have sewn 7/8 easily with a 794 needle. There are more than one solution for needles for the 97-10 besides stepping down to the 794 system. There are claims that the China clones are good leather harness machines and they are not. They have no pricker feet, no rein round attachments, no attachments to lay the bottom stitch under the surface. Yes they have foot to lay the top stitch under the surface, but that side is not against the horse and if you put that side against the horse the outside would look like crap because the bottom is unacceptable to be facing out. The only leather harness people I know that use these machines are Amish and that goes without saying. Your machines as well as the 97-10 are not good leather harness machines. Randall/Cambell is the best for harness and the Landis 3 is the best for saddles hands down.
  16. Thanks for the reply! I am looking to sew complete leather carriage harness including the blinds, rounds, tugs. Like I said all of it. I sew it all now with a 97-10. I made my own rein round attachment. I also made an adapter and use Randall/Campbell feet. I did that because I have about 25 different styles of Randall feet and I also needed to use the knife foot for my rounds. The Randall/Campbell is the best for this and I want to use the best. Thanks again!
  17. ryano

    Saddle Bags

    Really nice work! They sure are beautiful!
  18. ryano

    Landis Model 30 splitter

    Sale is pending at this time. Thanks!
  19. ryano

    Landis Model 30 splitter

    Steve, I was just being a smart a$$ because there is a Champion for sale, on the site, for 1300 bucks. The Landis seems to sell higher than the Champion and American. More people like the Landis because they feed through the front. The Champion and the American feed through the back. I think it just may be preference. I myself, like the Champion and the American because you can see if anything goes wrong. Sorry for the confusion! Ryan
  20. ryano

    Landis Model 30 splitter

    Price reduced because I forgot someone had painted it john deere green. People and their spay bombs! lol I will take $450.00 for it plus shipping. The only reason I'm selling it is because I own a Champion splitter. No need to keep this cheap thing around sinse I now know the value of my Champion now! lol
  21. $549.00 or best offer. plus shipping. Pictures on request. Thanks! jo386001@gmail.com
  22. Is this the 6 inch model that frequently comes up for sale? Just wondering why this one is worth 1300 bucks? This is truly an honest question. Thanks!
  23. Great find! The cutter is an American sole cutter and skiver. Very useful tool. Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine has parts for these machines. They located in Toledo, Ohio 866-362-7397. Good luck and happy sewing!
  24. Thanks CS. I am still looking.
  25. Well I guess a better question would be; how thick of leather would you like to have. Would you like to have it firm? I looked a few up, but the thickness was not in the description. If I were going to make one for myself I would like it somewhat stout.
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