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  1. Yes, I have a picture, but not quite sure how to load it. I click on the attachment and it only reads documents, camera, and loaded pictures, it does not have a button for pictures, which would make it a little easier i must have to load pictures elsewhere first.little My binder looks like yours, but mine has.the top edge guide and is on a 6" or 8" W & G stand. I watched the guy sew bind his last hat with my machine, unbolt it and sold it to me for mere pennies. I also bought a Singer 46w68 with added roller foot and "reversing mechanism operated by foot treadle," which I cannot figure out how it goes into reverse, but it sews wonderfully. I will figure how to load pictures and will add it. What do you use your machine for, if you use it. I watched a youtube video of a guy making a straw hat and it really amazed me, I missed that part at the hat shop.
  2. My raised work former is an International, not a Randall.
  3. I looked at my machine and it has a top mounted edge guide and a binder mounted on the side.
  4. Here is a link showing inline presser feet. I have a Randall creaser for raised work up to 1.25" wide, it is pretty neat, one side forms the top piece and the other side forms it after the 2 pieces are sewn. Do you have one as well? https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/76502-inline-cowboy-presser-feet-on-cowboy-cb4500/?tab=comments#comment-505225
  5. I have the same W&G machije and it is sitting on a 6 or 8 inch stand. I got it at an Amish place that makes straw hats. They sure had a bunch of them, but this was about ten years ago. We always picked up a full truck load of hats. Let me know if you need any anything that I could help you with.
  6. There are specialized machines for making fringe that sit on an industrial sewing stand and use a clutch motor, one in mind is a Chandler model.802 fringe cutting machine. There are also some foreign models. This is an old listing for a Chandler, just click on it and it will take to the old listing. I did not want to bring in the picture, that cropped somehow or the video at the bottom, but here you go anyways. Here is a video of a guy making fringe with a strap cutter,
  7. I do understand setting upside down on straps or belts, but I rarely just set spots on belts or straps in a linear line. The crystals and stones I use do not fall apart??? One other thing is the setters I use are nominal in size, so if the spot is 1/2" , then tje setter is .50" The are oversized/ sprung on the prongs to stay in the setter without falling out.
  8. Thanks for the laugh! My thoughts coincide with yours exactly. Heck, I would buy an old Singer 153-101 or equivalent with reverse by Singer, Juki or pfaff, I would even go for a Consew 227R and save the rest.. He could even buy a 441 clone for that money. If this is real, Call Bob Kovar at Toledo Industrial Machine, he will help you out, great guy to deal with!
  9. Thank you! I did see where I responded to someone in early 2016, then everything else was 2012 and earlier. I just got a new leg that is so much better than my first one. The new one I can lock fast at any angle or lock it to not bend any further than that angle, The new leg also locks, while standing and if I stub my toe, so to speak, my first leg I could trip over an ant. So with all that being said, the new leg really helps me out on being able to work around the shop.
  10. When designing the spot setters, the dies should be thin as possible and be parallel to the driver (perpendicular to the work piece) for at least the height and combination of an angle to clear the neighboring spots so the setter will not hit them. So what I am trying to say, for instance, is the setter does not have to be thin for the height of the spot, it can be thin for half the height of the spot and shot away at a 45degree angle to clear the neighboring spots so you would have more material on the setter. The FE Smith setters are mainly stamped out and formed, so tooling would have to be made and you would have stamping machines and lathe work or screw machines for the drivers and anvils. Any other designs could be made on a lathe or screw machines. Some mill work would also be needed. If you are not familiar with screw machines, check them out. They can really spit some parts out very fast.There is a small.screw machine shop near me that does a great job.
  11. I am looking for a post bed machine, either a Singer 168w101 walking foot machine or equivalent, but would be interested in anything else. Singer made a huge one as well, but cannot remember the number 4?-?? Or something. Now I have seen several posts cracked at the base from mis handing, they would so fine for a bit and act up sew fine, act up etc. I am also looking for a Singer 16 series face plate. Trade or cash Thank you!
  12. I know I am not adding much to this conversation, but I always use a 25(200) needle with 277 and a 26(230) with 346. I, myself do not like the look of the bottom of the stitch when using one thread size smaller in the bobbin. I wish Tippman would have made the Boss machine to except the 441 series feet so that the harness feet could be used instead of the 111w series feet.
  13. I have now spent a few hours looking around the site and it has truly grown, a lot. I see the harness making is grouped into the saddles and tack, I looked for quite some time and did not run into any harness making, going to have to add to that. The harness tools and equipment is getting really hard to find. I should take pictures of some of my harness making machines and tooling. For some reason I am wanting to make a pare of boots, I have everything but a post bed machine, so time to do some trading. Lol Anyway, great job on the site!!!!!
  14. I wish you still made the serrated edge concho cutters like the one listed for sale, it is not scalloped like the ones you sell. At least make the serrated 1 3/4" concho cutter. While you are at it, re make the old style English Point Strapend cutters, the ones before the made in England ones and re make the old style Round Edge Edgers. We harness makers cannot find any of the old stuff anymore and the strapend cutters are too short of a radius point and too wide for the size of strap. (Weavers makes the old style, but they are way too wide and way have too short of a point). Everything I mentioned would sell like hot cakes, I'm telling ya!
  15. Hillside Harness 330-893-1510 between 8:00am-10:30am EST. 4205 TR 629. Millersburg, Oh 44654 They are Amish, so call and ask for their catalog between said time. They make a good share of their hardware and have an endless supply of hardware molds. Great supplies, leather and finishes as well.
  16. I have an Standard Rivet Automatic spot machine that loads into a raceway from a hopper that I load. I also have a Smith single shot spot setter that I can load down from the top,(prongs down), or up into the bottom (prongs down), the die pivots to be able to load it from the top. Lastly, I have a few Standard Rivet No. 2 machines I load up into the bottom of the die with prongs down so I can see my work. Oh, I also load spots up into a rivet press, prongs down so I can see my work. I am sure there are some harness makers on here that use stops. My auto is used mainly for round spots and the single shots for some round, but mainly not round.
  17. Thank you! I just went through my leather shop the other day and it was like Christmas for me, but what a mess I have now. I had to call a harness shop to help identify some of my machines I use to make harness with, not a lot, but a few. I kind of just started off easy and made a couple of belts. I have also been sharpening a lot of knives and splitter blades. Ryan
  18. Firstly, I hope everyone is doing well and in good health! I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I was an active member and have not been on here for several years and would like to tell my story on why I have not been around, if anyone even remembers me that is. lol I got very sick with an infection from a knee surgery and had over 60 surgeries the past 8 years and was in the hospital no less than 3 weeks at a time and up 3 months a couple of times. One of my earlier surgeries, I woke up several days later thinking I just home from a biological ship expedition in the Antarctica, what had happened was I lost too much blood and got overdosed by the anesthesia. The doctors initially thought I had a stroke, but didn't, I did however lose a language, part of my math skills a partial memory loss, I was very lucky to say the least. I did end up losing my left leg above the knee. After months of therapy I can walk and do somethings I use to enjoy, with one being leatherworking. I just wanted to share my story on why I have been away for so long. I really look forward to reading some posts. Take care, Ryan
  19. ryano


    Beautiful craftsmanship and art work! I can't think of any other words to describe the piece! What kind of paint did you use? Ryan
  20. ryano

    Singer 42-5 Feet

    Hello, I am in need of presser feet(inside part #s5816, 28325. and outside part #s 5890, 28326) for a singer 43-5. Feet from a 42-5, 16-88 and 16-188 will also fit. I also would like to find a better faceplate as well. It is held on with 3 screws on the outer edge( part #13254 or5791), not the 2 screws in the center. The part numbers I gave are only a few of several that fit this machine. Please reply here and thanks!
  21. Landis Machine Sales owner's name is Eli Slaybough. He has Landis 1 machine needles sizes 200(25) and 230(26) for around 3 bucks a piece. His Landis 1 feet are around 50 bucks a piece. What is wrong with your shuttle or do you not have one? Ryan
  22. After looking at the pictures, it is the Harness machine.
  23. I did have several copies, but have sold them. There are 3 machines listed like the one in the pic. Improved International Wax Thread Sewing Machine, Suit Case Machine and Welt Sewing Machine. I need a closer picture of the of the machine above to see if it is a Harness or Suit Case machine. Thats all the information in the book except that the machine has rotary movement which increases speed, more tension and quality of stitch. You can look up the patten number and it will tell you about the machine. I will help you look and see if I can get you a copy of the book.
  24. Bill, I saw you were in Texas, I wanted to know what part of Texas you were in. My brother delivers to Texas once a week in a semi and I have a friend that delivers there also. But I guess you want one from Texas, good luck. My patchers have paid for themselves over and over again from sewing shoes to putting on Boy Scout patches on pockets. Take care.
  25. Keith got a really good deal on a Landis 3 a couple years ago at Weavers. I wanted to get it, but didn't want to bid against Keith. I really don't need two 3s. I just like rebuilding them. lol
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