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  1. KJD2121


    Finally finished sheath for the Busse Baby Boom LE. Took me many hours on this one, just trying to be careful. Cheap Tandy leather, Tiger Ritza thread, dyed Mohogany color. The edges look amazing in person. I finally figured out how to sand edges Thanks for looking. Kevin
  2. I use the Ron's Montana rounded edgers. They are a beautiful tool. They also come with a rod to use with low grit sandpaper for simple sharpening.
  3. Well, please post photos of it when it comes in. Thanks from a newby who doesn't know what good leather looks like outside of Tandy.
  4. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it very much.
  5. What size of rivets do you use for the stamped type bells?
  6. I have the Japanese 2-5 prong sets of 3.0 and 3.85. I dont know what the difference is, but these are a quality iron. The 3.0 are very unforgiving if your line is not exactly straight. The stitches will show any deviation, where the 3.85 don't show as much. Still getting better each project
  7. The project looks amazing. What did you use to punch the slots for the bells?
  8. I have the Crimson Hides set (2 prong and 5 prong) of both the 3.0 and the 3.85. The 3.0 are very demanding of being punched in a straight line. 1/2mm off and it will show on the stitches. I have been using the 3.85's and really enjoy them. The quality is high (Very well polished)
  9. Nice video. Where can we buy the creaser he is using? Anyone know?
  10. I loved the last wallet. Can you tell me what the SPI is? Your stitching is very nice.
  11. KJD2121

    Ron's Tools

    I finally got a call back last week as a response. I guess they are slow to respond to orders.
  12. Anyone know what is going on with this company? I placed an order last week and it is still unfulfilled. I sent an email and left a phone message. I hope everything is ok, but I really need the beveler.
  13. How is that seat belt supposed to work for the dog? It isn't even latched! The latch will slide down the belt and then the belt will pull out. Just like when you sit down and pull the belt across your lap to latch. Confused. BTW, really nice harness
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