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  1. Thanks Brian, This could help me follow some of the terminology in the "all braiding documents.- Schaake...." you sent us some time back.
  2. I have bought patterns there and no prob.Pattern worked well and the one bag my wife claimed.One of the most practical bags I have made.Need to post pic's.
  3. Thanks for all the effort and education info you have posted.Never had time before to go thro this all in detail.But stuck out of town with the locals blockading and burning the roads around here.Yes still happens here!!.So have time to look thro the site and topics like this,many thanks.Looking for a revolver pattern for my ss 38 spl,but will adapt from here.Cheers.
  4. Hey looks great,well done. I am sure she will enjoy it.
  5. Great thanks. Looks great.
  6. isaac

    Georg Schaake

    Hi Brian,thanks received the files.Mindblowing,now need to hide away and digest it all.This is really special.
  7. isaac

    Georg Schaake

    Hi Brian. Good of you to be doing this. Please send the link or Dropbox to dale.bickell@worldonline.co.za Many thanks. Dale.
  8. I have had success with grants book, agree his instr are not complete. But if you follow the same logic after his first sequence it works. You need to remember the the sequence and keep going back and correcting. He also has he the wrong hole in fig 2. C not e. I need to post a book cover I did with this on. If you need further help shout.
  9. Well done,all the research paid off.Looks great.
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