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  1. Looks like it may be burned in, pyrography, like woodburning. Tom
  2. You can use a clamp or a vise as a press to make nice clear impressions. You can also use a dead-blow hammer to eliminate the bounce that occurs when using a hammer/mallet. Tom PS I'll also move this thread to "How Do I Do That".
  3. Reinforcement tape from Lisa Sorrell sounds great. Another option would be fiberglass window screen, or even aluminum wire screen if you really need additional strength. Either can be cut to whatever width and length you need. Tom
  4. Have you tried replacing the needle since the jamb? May be bent or point damaged. Tom
  5. Welcome to the forum. Whereabouts in Canada? Try this search on Google. " bifold wallet pattern". Drop the quote marks. Tom
  6. Nice work, especially the cat. Tom
  7. Attempted to do some more work a few days ago with the Chinese Skiver / Paring machine. Attempted to skive the edge of some 8/9 oz. Chrome tanned. It just kept digging in deeper. Changed the angle of the knife, but didn't improve. I went back to one that I made modelled on the Scharf Skiver. Works much better. Tom
  8. Fibreglass tape, like used for drywall repairs works too. May need more than one layer depending on the amount of strain. Tom
  9. A piece of garden hose or similar used like a stethoscope works well too. Helps determine direction nose is coming from. Tom
  10. Google has much larger servers and more refined indexing in their search database. Do a Google search specifying followed by your search words. No spaces in site:xxxx. You can limit your search to any site you wish by using the site parameter. Tom
  11. Are you still looking for someone to do this work, or is this a dead end? Tom
  12. Might be a good idea to tell people where on earth you are located! Russia, China, Germany, South Africa? This is a world wide forum. And by the way, welcome to the forum. Tom
  13. Usually more top tension required to pull the knot up. Make sure the thread is between the tension disks, that it hasn't jumped out and riding on top. Try a larger needle size if the top tension is already quite tight. Need a large enough hole to be able to pull the thread up. Tom
  14. Moved to leather sewing machines, so you will likely get more response here. Help wanted is like newspaper classifieds advertising for employment purposes. Tom
  15. Are you looking for a portable package that will be used for vibration data collection route, or stationary use for vibration analysis at a machine location? For a data collection route, are you looking at carrying the package on one arm, or on shoulders with tablet in front of your chest. I have several years experience with vibration data collection routes using various types of data collectors, some integrated with pen tablet PCs. Will need more information about how you want to integrate the system for easy and safe carry working around operating equipment. Often in tight locations in close proximity to other machines and moving parts. PM me and provide your email address so we can discuss the requirements. Tom If PM doesn't work for you, go to and fill in the contact form. Photo of a recent project.