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    Mini Trunk

    Thanks for sharing Huns. If you don't mind, may I know what leather and the thickness did you use? Thanks.
  2. Wow! Very nice! Love the lining. Overall Beautiful Bag.
  3. Nice and very clean work. Love the colors. Are the leathers chevre?
  4. Very Nice Work! Wished I have the talent!
  5. Your Dad would have been very happy and proud. Yes, you should be proud.
  6. A clam bag with a pearl inside. Very original and beautiful. Are you taking any students?
  7. Nice Work! Is the chair low? For Ragnar?
  8. Looks Very Good to me. Stitches are clean and the edges looks good.
  9. Very unique projects from you. Waiting for the updates..............
  10. Nice drawing. Makes my hand itchy but I know it will be a disaster for me. How I wish my hands can draw and paint as well. May I know what paint do you use? Angelus?
  11. Impressive work. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  12. Very neat and clean work. I am in this for about 3 months too but I am no where near your level.
  13. Hi Huns, I am a big fan of yours now. I have gone through your blog and you are amazing. If you do not mind sharing, may I ask you the following: 1. Do you paint/dye your leather or do the leathers come in those colors? If you paint/dye them, can you share the paints/dye that you use? 2. What size thread do you normally use for your projects? Thank you for sharing and please keep posting our projects.
  14. Very original. Impressive work! May I ask how do you get your thread to be exactly the same color as the leather? In your previous projects, can you share how do you paste the leather on the snaps?
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