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  1. Today I made a belt from a pre-cut strap of Hermann Oak bridle leather and used Fiebings Low VOC 'Dark Brown' Dye (I'm in California) to dye the edges. I also burnished the edges with water and Tokonole. After completing the belt I put it on (I really need a new belt) but within a 15 mins I felt a rash developing around my waist. I'm wearing an untucked t-shirt, so the belt was making contact with my skin. I guess it's possible there's something in the Hermann Oak leather that could cause the reaction, but of the ingredients I added, the Fiebings Low VOC seems to be the likely cause. And now that I think about it, it caused my eyes to water the other day when I used the dye on something else. My skin is unusually sensitive to foreign materials, for example I can't wear anything on my wrist without eventually getting a rash, but this was an immediate and pretty severe reaction (inflammation and redness). Has anyone else ran into this?
  2. mdv99

    The Sorta Kelly Bag

    Great write up. I may have to start with the miniature paper version.
  3. Not videos, but Ron from Techsew did an 'Ask Me Anythings' on Reddit a few years ago and it has some good information... Ron AMA - Apr, 2016