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  1. I like it, I can't seem to get past the thickness of most scout carry sheaths. This one looks much more functional. Great design. Stu
  2. Gotta love those old Norlund axes. Great little camp axes. The sheath is beautiful, nice work. Stu
  3. I have the same issue with the white thread. I don't know why they use so much wax, I end up stripping probably 1/2 of it off. I I have a ball of wax sitting on my desk of stuff stripped off their thread. Stu
  4. Don't let my kids see that I'll be building them left and right. Stu
  5. Thank you for the info. I thought they might be the same dimensions but didn't want to order it without knowing for sure.. Stu
  6. I have a repeat customer looking for a holster for his S&W SD40VE. The Blue Gun Store doesn't list this model, any thoughts on another gun that would work? Looks like most people are saying the M&P holsters will fit the SD40VE but I'd like to know how it's going to fit before I try that. Worse case scenario is I have to get the gun from him but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to. Stu
  7. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad everyone likes it. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out and he seemed really pleased as well. Stu
  8. I can't take credit for the idea, that was all his. I just designed and built it for him, I wouldn't have thought of it myself that's for sure. Stu
  9. A while back I built a crossdraw holster for a customer and he like it so much he asked me to build him a pouch for his insulin pump. After much discussion about the project, he determined he wanted it to match the holster that I made for him. So basically he wanted an open top pancake style pouch to carry an insulin pump in. I got started on it right away and this is the end product: Retention is great, this thing is tight. In fact it was so tight that I had to use a little bee's wax on the inside to reduce friction on the pump so it could slide in and out. Otherwise trying to get the pump in or out was brutal, once I hit the inside with a little bee's wax it was perfect. Customer is thrilled with the piece and I'm pleased as well. Edges and stitching are some of my best work yet I think. Stu
  10. I grew up listening to Maiden, so I was pretty excited to see what you did with this. Looks fantastic, your brother in law's name really is the part that puts it over the top, that lettering is perfect. I'm sure he's stoked about this piece. Stu
  11. Looks great, I'm sure dad was thrilled to get it. I like the button stud closure over snaps. Nice work. Stu
  12. A while back a customer asked me about a sling for his Marlin 1893, it's a collectors piece so he doesn't want to drill it for sling swivels. I told him that I'd2 try prototyping something on my Glenfield 36G to get a feel for the project. Basically what I came up with is a lace on butt cuff with a brass square ring attached via copper rivet and a forend cuff with the same setup. This allows any standard sling to be attached to the rifle. It worked out pretty well but the forend cuff on this one is a little loose, something that will need to be corrected in the final version. I'm actually toying with the idea of changing the forend cuff and using one with a buckle to really be able to cinch down the cuff, I'll have to think on that a bit. Otherwise I'm happy with the design. My carving on the other hand still needs a lot of work, I figured I'd take the opportunity to do a little practice carving on this piece, it's pretty bad though and not something I would do on a piece I was looking to sell.
  13. Curious, what weight leather are you using? I build mine from 2-4oz econo grade stuff from Tandy, some of that stuff requires no distressing on my part as it's already pretty beat up in spots. Stu
  14. Where were you when I was playing Bass? That sling would have matched my Fender perfectly, of course I was flat broke at the time but that's besides the point. Excellent work. Stu
  15. I like it but I'd be concerned about retention, what's keeping it in the sheath? Will the knife come loose under adverse circumstances? If you were fighting with someone would it come out and get lost or worse yet put the knife in the bad guy's hands? I think as long as that thing stays put until you pull it you may have a winner there. I like unusual designs so that one looks pretty good to me. Stu
  16. Looks great and the multi use of it is a great idea. I'm sure the customer was thrilled with the work. Stu
  17. Great looking blade but I'd like to see more of the sheath as well. Stu
  18. Very nice. The lower knife looks like it was patterned after the old Schrade Uncle Henry Sharpfinger. Nice to see that design is still in use, they were a great knife. Stu
  19. Pick yourself up a freehand stitch groover, you'll find it invaluable for grooving the stitch line inside the sheath for the belt loop. As said the stitching looks a bit inconsistent but other than that I can't find any issues with the work. I think it looks great, far better than my first projects. Your edge looks great too, that's a skill I really had to work at to get decent at. Nice job. Stu
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