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  1. Nice! + I agree, shake hands with that 4! gave me a reason to dump the scraps I had accumulated. Very little hand stitching done now.
  2. I think he meant Lacing. Beautiful Rig.
  3. Was looking at both a little over a year ago, went with the Cobra 4 because of the attachment package as you stated. Very happy in all aspects.
  4. You might check with folks in the Texas Knifemakers Guild. https://www.facebook.com/groups/texasknifemakersguild
  5. Ok, bought it new arrived about a week ago. Left foot was on it and was the machine worked fantastic after setting tensions etc. Had a holster in the works, needed the right foot for some tighter stitching and it rubs on the needle arm. Installed the double foot to verify and it's obviously got some alignment issue. Don't see anyway of adjusting side to side. Do I just machine both feet to fit? Yeah can call Steve, thought I'd ask here first. TIA Pic attached.
  6. I make knives, and sharpen them for folks. 2x72 belt grinder for the straight ones or outside curves (various grits down to strop depending on the steel being sharpened and necessary edge refinement needed.) 1x30 for the re-curve blades with a strop. of course not all steel is equal and some don't power strop well, another story entirely. Straight razors are all by hand and end on a 2500 water stone prior to stropping, where they start depends on how out of shape they are. most leather tools I have are all hand done on a specific sharpening jig of some sort, but blades are blades, the steel dictates the process for desirable results. I like High Carbon steel for it's edge retention properties but it comes with the necessity to maintain it more judiciously.. Steel aside love this wood.... Bocote.
  7. Good stuff all in one location! Thanks!!
  8. Permanently closed my local store in Peoria,IL....
  9. To simply say you have talent is an understatement, Beautiful work!!
  10. Have done some bag work in the past on my own, one thing I do to make working on them easier is I inflate a beach ball in them till they take normal shape, seems to make things easier while I'm moving them around.
  11. Climbed for 35 years, the gaff part is either way worn/filed down or a pole gaff which is shorter/wider. As for the leather I'd recreate what's there with harness leather. The brunt of the force when using climbers is in the stirrup, the straps just cinch them to your boot and calf. Those are pretty used up and there are much better climbers out there, Buckingham, Klien, and my favorite Bashlin. My knees don't miss me climbing...
  12. Inspired by you all, on a budget, and having most of this stuff laying around, here's my starter kit of homemade and re-purposed tools. Included my first leather work in the knife sheath, yeah I know chrome tanned... it was cheap. Also the knife is a re-purposed pipe thread cutting die.(it ain't for cutting leather) Really impressed myself with the two background tools middle row and 3rd and 4th from the left, heated up the bolt heads while in the vise and beat a wood rasp on them for the texture. Odd that I've spent most of my life polishing stuff and now I look at everythings texture wondering if it would make a stamp of some sort. The two stitch groovers went through several design changes before I got what I wanted, I will say though that getting a cotton thread through a 1/16" hole and trying to polish the bore was an interesting task. Tying the string off at one end, threading it through the hole, twisting it with a drill while holding it tight until it "snugged up" in the hole a bit, then JR1 the thread and working it back and forth did a fantastic job. Carving tool was a one shot willy, after looking at several available online it was a no brainer to make one. Stitching punches came from a failed knife blade.. well part of it failed.. Maybe at some point I'll pretty them up a bit more.
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