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  1. Absolutely fine looking old Iron! Pad looks good too! Ping....
  2. I use pig skin on every holster, stretch the pig skin when gluing it to the veg tan. Helps with when you fold and wet mold.
  3. Looks Great! I love how Bocote finishes.
  4. Used these exclusively at my old job opening telco and fiber optic cables. One word of caution, they can cut you to the bone and beyond.
  5. Assuming you are going to use the actual firearm for molding, I do, I wrap it with saran wrap and wrap a dowel on the top for relieving the front sight. The Hank Strange videos with Andrews are very informational, I utilized them alot when getting started. One other note, I personally would cover the front sight with the leather, protruding out the end of the holster like the picture shows would make it more difficult to draw. Another personal choice of mine is to line the inside with non chrome tanned pigskin.
  6. Google is your friend, you tube has lots of great informative videos to get you under way and going forward.
  7. I have 3 2x72 grinders that I made. sounds excessive huh... for the roller wheels get some skateboard wheels with ABEC9 bearings (longboard wheels) a lap or two of masking tape down the center of 3 of them helps with tracking especially the one that is used for tracking adjustment. Here's a great video for the motor controller, I've found it to work great on any dc motor 1hp or lower, It will not power my beast as it has a 3hp motor. for making the tools, yours look great, using stainless steel bolts instead of grade 8 is a better option as described above. making textured tools... experimentation and patience.
  8. Wow... Couple years ago or there about I bought my class 4 from the leather machine Company. one issue that was resolved here regarding an adjustment. otherwise it has worked flawlessly once adjusted to my needs at the time. I don't buy a car with the expectation that a mechanic sits on standby for me waiting to work on it or offer free advice on how to fix it.
  9. Nice setup, when using something like this you have to be ever so cautious to not round out your cutting surfaces, why I prefer the strop backed by a platen. For the inside I do a pass or two by hand with a strop on a board.
  10. Make yourself a leather strop for your sander and use white or green polishing compound, i've got one for my 1x30 and my 2x72, with a sharpen at 1000 grit the strop will polish to a mirror.
  11. Nice! + I agree, shake hands with that 4! gave me a reason to dump the scraps I had accumulated. Very little hand stitching done now.
  12. I think he meant Lacing. Beautiful Rig.
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