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  1. I would suggest doing a couple test pieces and seeing what happens.
  2. Message the admins for access to the Adult Section. There's lots of good info for that sort of stuff there.
  3. I have a shoulder bag made like that. I love it.
  4. I second remnant/scrap bags from leather suppliers. You'll get a mixture of weights and sizes to practice on without wrecking a fresh hide.
  5. I would personally go for one more like this. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/husky-6-ft-solid-wood-top-workbench/1000846226 The underside of the table is better supported, which will decrease bounce, and the legs are solid tubes for better structural integrity. The thicker tabletop on the other one is nice though.
  6. If you have any scraps left, I would suggest testing on those first. Full disclosure, I haven't played with sheepskin much, but I would think an airbrush would be your best bet for getting an even coating on it.
  7. The trainer I know uses them for recall(getting them to come when called) training. It affords more control than one of those extendi-leashes.
  8. Might I suggest adding a decorative strip down the bend line tooled to match the two ends to hide the crack?
  9. If I understand the bill correctly, it's mostly the finished products that will be banned. The hair on skins of livestock and deer are still permitted, as well as any leather where the hair has been removed. Trappers will still be able to legally sell the pelts of their catch, as long as they keep record of what and to whom it was sold for at least a year. Aboriginals will still be able to use fur products for cultural/religious purposes. Taxidermy is still permitted. To my understanding, it's goal is mostly to curb the use of exotics and fur farms, as most of those come from overseas and is very difficult to determine the humaneness of the conditions of said products.
  10. For those wondering, here is a link to the actual bill. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB44
  11. Have you tried making any of the other wallets you've posted about yet?
  12. I second the palette knives. You can get them in several different sizes and shapes, as well as in plastic or metal. I find it's easier to peel dried glue off the plastic ones though.
  13. Depending what shade of pink you want, Tandy does have some coloured garment and upholstery leather.
  14. Old post, I know, but the link doesn't seem to work anymore. Anyone know if they still have a site? They were a great resource.
  15. There is a huge difference in watching a lot of videos, and doing. It's not just the theoretical knowledge that's necessary, it's training your hands and co ordination for the task. That you can only get through physical practice. Sewing machines are their own beast, and whether you're sewing fabric or leather, there can be a pretty steep learning curve there as well; the difference with with fabric is you can always pick apart a bad seam and re-do it, with leather, you get one shot. My suggestion is pick the simpler of the two, then make it. Then make it again. Then make it again. Then make it again. By the 15th one or so, you may have something that comes remotely close to the one in the picture. That's my two cents Tinkerton
  16. There is the option of milled veg tan. It's still veg, but is a lot more pliable. I have some, and it's really nice to the touch. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/milled-single-shoulders
  17. Bit off topic, what do you use for the interior of your pattern weights?
  18. Random question I was pondering over while practicing beveling; Which had does everyone hold their mallet/maul in: your dominant or weaker hand?
  19. Personally, since I'm on the petite side, I'm not a big fan of the back tool board. I have a short reach and a 36" deep work table, so I find having to reach that far over the table to get at my tools more awkward than it's worth. I use a moveable storage cart and a sturdy book case that sits beside my desk. Adam Savage has a pretty rad one that he built that wouldn't be too difficult. It's another option.
  20. Do you have the means to modify some stamps(ie a grinder)? That way you could adjust a regular sized stamp to your needs.
  21. Another way to make the pattern is to wrap the bottle in a layer of plastic, then a couple layers of masking tape. Then cut it off and divide into the desired number of panels
  22. To go back to the original topic, I really like Serge Volken https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBigy52
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