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  1. I'm looking for a source for Crocodile or Aligator. I haven't had a lot of luck. I see some ebay sellers but I'm always weary about eBay sellers.
  2. @Techsew Ron @Constabulary It appears that for some reason when it jammed, it stopped feeding so we took it apart. It essentially did exactly what it was doing. We must have cleared the problem when dissembling and didn't bother to put it back all the way together to test. Makes sense now. Thank you..
  3. Support@techsew.com correct? I have an email in already. Reaching out to other sources until I get a response to hopefully solve this problem quickly. We only have one sewing machine (and we're in the market for another one.. thinking Juki 1508, Techsew 1660 Pro.. CB-1541s, or a Cobra Class 20) so we're burning up time right now. Workshop is getting a deep cleaning I guess. haha.
  4. So it appears my model DOES have a safety clutch. However, that isn't what is going on with it. The safety clutch doesn't appear to be engaged.
  5. I'm having trouble finding if I have a safety clutch....
  6. Hi Folks. I have a Techsew 2750 Pro and have had really good success with it... for awhile. Until today. All of a sudden it jammed and then it wouldn't feed. I thought it was out of time, because of the jam. So I checked and we're still catching the thread. We noticed that the presser foot wasn't feeding correctly. In the down position, it hops choppy and doesn't feed right. With the presser foot up it it performs the feeding motion correctly. I'm not even sure where to go next.
  7. Hi folks. Tandy is ending their sale soon of both of these. I'm trying to decide between getting the belt - tipper or not. It is currently down to $400. Additionally. The craft tool press. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/craftool-hand-press or https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/craftool-pro-hand-press The regular model or the pro model? Also, alternatively are there other models that work with dies? I'm having trouble picking. Spending time organizing the shop right now so hopefully someone can put some input in. Thanks, Trevor
  8. I think I've solved the problem. If I drag the thread on the right side tight against the leather and towards me I get a pretty decent angle. Any other way and I'm getting it inconsistent. Also snugging it is helping rather than pulling hard. I appreciate it.
  9. Hey folks. So we finally ran out of other threads we were using and got started using tiger thread again. We’re using 0.6 thread and 4mm or 3mm diamond punches from weaver. The problem we run into is that the backside ( opposite from punched side ) gets a fantastic slant, but the front side isn’t. Our method is consistent for we’ve followed videos and we’re doing exactly the same as they are. We , start with the slant going down towards us. The left needle goes through, and the right needle comes around back and makes a cross on the left needle. Turn 90 degrees and go up through the back, top portion of the hole. Cast the thread over the top of the needle. Pull firmly on both sides. Backside is slanted, front side is not. It lays flatter. I played around with Lin cable, and I seemed to get better slants with that than the tiger thread. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong, but other people seem to get significantly better angles than us on both sides with tiger thread.
  10. If I understand correctly, the Ls440 and the Landis 30 share a similar/the same blade. Where can I get a new blade? I just purchased a used LS440 in decent condition. I'd like to get the original blade hollow ground to test out if I like it or not. I'll also be looking into restoring the Ls440 too as it has some rust and is generally rough. Is there any place that has any replacement parts for it?
  11. Looking for a crank leather splitter to help make wallets and other smaller goods. Can't seem to find any thats reasonably priced anywhere.
  12. Hi Guys. I've been getting more and more into leather and have started to make some things for friends and family members. It is turning out pretty decent. I've been thinking of name ideas just so I can get a stamp made for a makers mark. Any ideas? My last name is Wing.. I feel like I'd like to incorporate something like that into it... but I'm drawing blanks. EDIT: So I got into leatherworking because I was asking my fiance what she wanted for her birthday. She said that she wanted a 'gucci' bag and I told her I'd make her a 'guppy' bag instead. Well I made her a leather bag, and its known as the guppy bag. My family thinks that 'Guppy Leatherworks' wouldn't be a bad name either. Thoughts?
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