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    Tooled Door Panels

    I'm curious if you don't mind, what weight is the leather? Thanks!
  2. RegisD

    Tooled Door Panels

    The design is so well balanced, your carving is incredible and so consistent over such large areas, the coloring is beautifully done.
  3. Great idea, great carving, outstanding coloring. Very nicely done!
  4. RegisD

    Air brushing

    I make gunleather and I use Hermann Oak leather (4-5 oz., 7-8 oz., 9-10 oz. , ) and Fiebing's Pro dye. A couple of months ago I started applying dye with an air brush. I really like the smooth application, the ability to control the shade of the color, all good. However, I'm a little concerned about whether the dye is getting good penetration into the leather. A few times I've noticed the dye has rubbed off in areas after I've applied it and while I'm doing something else, like hand stitching. This has only occurred before I seal it with 50/50 Resolene. After I seal a piece I hand rub it with Montana Pitch Blend Leather Dressing. My concern is over the long haul is air brushed dye durable enough? I would appreciate any experiences from those who have been using an air brush for awhile. Thanks
  5. All Cowboy movie fans remember Kevin Costner as Charlie Waite in the movie Open Range. This is Will Ghormley's pattern of the Charlie Waite gunleather.
  6. LederRudi, Thanks for the compliment! In regards to the holster bulge, it works just fine, and i'll bet the actual holster is exactly the same. I have used many of Will's patterns and they are spot on. I don't know how he makes his patterns as accurately as he does, I've never been disappointed.
  7. Your tooling is awesome! It is innovative, yet very appropriate for a cowboy holster. Nice!
  8. Chrisash, Also, as the cartridge pistols became popular, Cowboys wanted to show-off those 1873 Colts , they cost a months pay or more. Hence, the variants of open top holster designs, bullet loops on gun belts and ornamentation. In addition to the practical aspects, style was an influencing factor in the Old West, just as it is today.
  9. Nicely done! He should be proud of that one.
  10. RegisD

    Air brushing

    robs456, That is the ticket! Regular application and then an over layer with the airbrush to give it a nice smooth finish or for shading areas . Your experience is much appreciated I like it! Thanks!
  11. WOW! Those are nice. Are the ones standing up different than the ones laying down open, they appear to be narrower, is that right?
  12. RegisD

    Air brushing

    Okay. Just to clarify, scuffs have been small and in areas such as around the throat or the toe of the holster. So far I've just re-applied dye and keep- on- keeping- on. Like anything else there is a learning curve. I'll get there. Overall, I really like using the airbrush. bikermutt07, I'm all about the character look, if you saw my personal gunleather you would think I dragged it across some rocks. Thanks!
  13. Great looking leather work and very innovative. I like everything about it.
  14. Great looking knife sheath! Great looking Sourdough bread!
  15. Good looking holster, it would be right at home on one of the pages of Packing Iron. Good job with the toe plug, I've only done a few and for me they are a pain.
  16. RegisD

    Holster for customer.

    Good leather work ! I like the deep fit.
  17. RegisD

    New guy

    All of it is really nicely done!
  18. Plinkercases, your flower and leaf carving and swivel knife work on the flower petals is very well done, I wish I could get that effect. Nice!
  19. RegisD

    My hobby room

    Bikermutt07, looks like you are making a great leather working shop. I enjoy seeing where others do leather work. Sheilajeanne, here is my version of a dye bottle stabilizer. Something else to do with scrape leather, it is not guaranteed to work under all circumstances, but you are welcome to use it. Obviously, you will still get dye all over the outside of the bottle.