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  1. Tigdim, If you really want an education on holsters I suggest doing what I am in the process of. I am on page 82 of the 273 in this topic. I have read every thread on holsters and most of those on knife sheaths and other projects. The amount of information is amazing, some of the members no longer post or just sporadically but there are tons of holsters to look at and compare to the advice given. The only downer is the posts with photobucket pictures, the pictures are no longer available. I plan to read all 273 pages, I have learned a ton, I thought I had a basic understanding after making a few holsters based of the instructions in Al Stohlmams how to make holsters book. Man was I wrong, just what I have learned from this forum so far makes me realize I wasn't even up to Newbie status when I started reading. Todd
  2. I was looking at it again last night and I remembered I had put 2 stitch lines around it so I am going to cut the first row out and see if that loosens it up enough. If it does then I know where to move it to on the pattern I made.
  3. No pictures. It was a train wreck. I made a bunch of western style holsters a few years ago. I got a Tippmann Boss for harness repair and decided to get back into holster making and try something different and make an Avenger style, the learning curve is definitely longer than the western style. I tried one of JLS Leathers patterns for a magazine pouch and it came out perfectly.
  4. Just wondering if any of the other patterns out there can be used for this model. Given the thickness of the slide I was curious if a Glock pattern would work. I tried to make my own from JLS’s instructions but ended up with the stitch lines to close and the gun won’t fit. Also I got the start of the belt slot to far back. Thanks for any pointers. Todd
  5. I put this in the "Show me the backside of you holster sewn with a Boss" thread but it is a pretty old thread and hasn't gotten any responses. I am attaching pictures of a magazine pouch I made this weekend, thanks JLS Leather for the pattern. I have spent about 3 years in a love hate relationship with the used Boss I bought. A few weeks ago I finally narrowed down what I think was the problem all along, a bent piece in the needle carrier assembly. I have slowly been doing more sewing getting confidence in the machine and going through the learning curve. One thing I have found is the colored thread, I have black and brown, is much more difficult to get correct tensions with and make good stitches. I double checked and all 3 are the same 277 thread and nylon. Is this common or did I possibly get bad spools of black and brown, they are very stiff compared to the white. Anyway with all that said all advice welcome on the stitching of the mag pouch. Todd
  6. I know this is a very old thread but I gained a lot of good information from it over the last 3 years as I tried to get my Boss to stitch on any kind of regular basis. I am posting pictures of a magazine carrier I made, many thanks to JLS leather for the pattern, and would like any suggestions on the stitching and also would ask if other with the Boss have more issues with colored thread than white, I finally got it to sew with the brown but it is much stiffer and more critical on the tension adjustments. The white just seems to flow. Thanks, Todd
  7. Thank you everyone I found one I could make work. Todd
  8. I have googled the tar out of it. Any I find are complex designs. thanks Todd
  9. Does anyone have a tracing pattern or know where I can download one? I need to put a simple cross on a bible cover. Thanks in in advance for the help. Todd
  10. Thanks everyone. That’s what I figured I just need to pay closer attention and make sure the bobbins are full.
  11. I am a long time lurker and just finally joined the forum. I do a little holster and miscellaneous case work. I have one of the cast iron Boss sewing machines, I bought it used and based on the serial number it is very old. My question is what do you do if the bobbin run out mid project? I try to start any large project with a full bobbin but then you end up with 2 or 3 partial bobbins. When you start back do you just sew over the last 3-4 stitches and continue on or do you sew back and forth over the last 3-4 stitches to lock the last stitches from the first bobbin and the first stitches from the new bobbin in? Thanks for the help. Todd
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