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  1. Kovant, pretty much any semi stiff hide will work, like i mentioned above i have just been using skirting leather for all of it, so far it works fine, was some thick leather i had gotten from Tandy and didnt want to buy sole bends for learning, so far so good actually, even used it to make heel build up on a pair of logger/hiker work boots. i did welted boots the first few pairs but have just been doing stitch down lately, just way faster and easier and just as durable, at least thats what i have found for myself. All my uppers have been from Nubuck or oiled leathers use veg tan calf for liners on most. I know a lot of folks get all uppedy with thread too, but ive been using 1.2mm tiger for stitching the uppers to the midsole. Used that for sewing the welting on first few pairs as well, super strong and resists rotting, linen thread not so much, again just something i decided to try. happy shoe building!
  2. Nice job on the bag, impressive fabricating the hardware,
  3. Hey Frodo,,, wear that to Wallmart,,, that ought to get some concerned looks,,,
  4. Thank you,,, i actually just found them,, killer site, beautiful materials and tools,,,, Keep stitching! Cheers!
  5. Sonnyboone, Beautiful work,,, quite stylish for sure, Virgillio? Where can i find that? got me real curious, nice looking material, is it an authentic gator? Or embossed? Tried searching the supplier but didnt have much luck
  6. Think it would fit in a large flat rate box? interested,,, that a whole lot o sewing
  7. Scott, I have been thinking about using veg tan for an outsole on mocs, i have been making boots, so have several last that i have formed to give a comfortable fit to my insoles, i form veg tan around them for the insole so am going to trim it neatly then use my Cobra to stitch the moc lower to the outsole. Havent had time lately so is just sitting, but will get my act together and post some pictures
  8. I have used regular skirting leather for insoles and midsoles
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