Clock Face Patterns

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I am planning to make a wall clock, overall face size desired is approximately 16 to 20" square. Clockworks to be mounted in the center. I truly like the sheridan / stollman / linnel styles. Also partial to the 'oak leaf' paftterns too. I've envisioned some sort of 'corner patterns' currounding a double ring containing the numerals, with an intense pattern in the center around the post of the stem. Any idea where to find patterns? If there are smaller patterns, I should be able to enlarge...yet can't start too small.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Great suggestions. Msg'd Chan. looked at the ebay one, I do remember that one. That face is much smaller, and enlarging would not result in what i'm after.

Maybe I need to look for some corner patterns..?

This is the first time i've been brain-locked and not able to come up with a design that I like!

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I was just looking at stained glass window patterns (google images)

and saw some that might make a nice pattern on leather..

I know this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but maybe it will give you some ideas... ?

I was looking for a horse or wolf pattern, but maybe a floral glass pattern?

Or, maybe it is time to try drawing it from your "visions"

Hope you post what you've come up with & good luck!

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