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  1. I have a similar set up. You have to be very careful with how much pressure you use. To much pressure and it’s not going to give a nice finish. That’s the way I combat the speed issue. Todd
  2. @Michellleatherworks most of the accessories are available from the blue gun companies especially for the common models like Glock. I think you can probably get enough parts to replicate most gun configurations, the question then becomes how much do you want to spend to make a one off holster? Todd
  3. I have no experience with this particular situation but business wise I think either a minimum first order(to insure you get your stamp paid for and some profit) or a cost share for the stamp would be appropriate. The minimum order route may get a better response because businesses are used to having to make minimum orders of items. Todd
  4. @chrisash having picked up and set up a CB 4500 I am not sure how practical taking any of the 441 clones to use at shows is. Trying to physically get one to and from shows without damaging the machine or your body would be a monumental task.
  5. There is a long thread on here that started when the Outlaw was announced and periodically updated but I don't remember any end users contributing. Honestly as a former Tippmann Boss user I would save the extra and get a motorized machine. Only having one hand to hold your leather when sewing is a bigger deal than it seems. I have sewn numerous items on my CB4500 that I wouldn't have even tried on the Boss. Todd
  6. Sweet thank you for sharing that makes my paper templates pale in comparison. Todd
  7. Heather, All I did was measure the shaft and then I used a drill press to drill out the burnisher drum. Its pretty hard wood so I would suggest a new bit. I picked a bit slightly smaller than the shaft so its a press fit and I put the nut on and it works like a charm. As noted above you have to be careful because of the speed but with a little practice and a light touch you are good to go. Todd
  8. Any chance you would share your layout method? It sounds great.
  9. @CIC as a business person(not leather, this is a hobby) all I can say is good luck. Just because you didn't get a notice doesn't mean you don't have to collect it. If you look ignorance of the law is not a legal defense in most instances. If you are in business it is on you to know the laws. Todd
  10. I think it looks great especially if you can die the letters and make them pop. Sometimes less is more. Todd
  11. Thanks for the input. Thats why I asked before I made one I figured someone had tried it. Todd
  12. Dwight that holster you picture is right handed. Picture it as a left hand holster with the loops on the other side. The flat side of the holster would be against the pants not the body. I didn’t mean to imply cross draw I was just looking at a flat back designed a little different.
  13. Wizard, not sure how to explain it better, reading it I can see it’s not clear sorry. Todd
  14. Just a curiosity question on IWB holsters. Has anyone ever essentially built a left hand holster but worn it on the right side. With a flat back pancake holster you would have the flat side against the belt making it very easy to put the loops around the belt. In contrast to having to pull the sides/wings outward past the gun so you can run the loops around the belt. I just thought I would ask before I tried it in case its been done and failed, no use re inventing the wheel. Todd
  15. @jrprottas make sure you are stepping down hard on the pressor foot release peddle. When you push it all the way down it releases the top tension, also on videos I have watched they sometimes grab the thread on the end of the machine and pull down creating slack so you can pull the work out easier. Todd
  16. I bought the wood burnisher Tandy sells for their machine and put in on a $60 Harbor Freight buffer. Works great. You could put a sander on the other shaft of the motor. Todd
  17. @Eric51767 one possible issue is that you put the neatsfoot oil on after the sealer. The sealer will inhibit the oil from penetrating the leather. Todd
  18. I do the 1 and 1/2 wraps and run the bobbin counterclockwise. I think I put the bobbin in wrong once and went clockwise and I don't remember there being any difference in the stitches. Todd
  19. That is what I have switched to and love it. I can use it in the house with no odor and I have not noticed any difference in items I glued with Weldwood and the Renia 315. Todd
  20. As far as dumb mistakes. I made a custom molded belt sheath for a folding knife. Everything had gone great it was a perfect fit and the sewing was perfect. The gentleman wanted his brand on it, no problem. I drew it up on the computer perfect, only one problem it was a sideways d attached to a w. What I drew up was a z, didn’t notice till I had it carved and beveled. So I said some words my granddaughters can’t hear and started over.. Todd
  21. Glue them then stitch together, you won’t see the separation. This is a very common method of creating heavy duty belts.
  22. I would watch the videos posted, look on youtube for others similar then practice. I really wouldn't figure on being ready to produce gifts for this christmas. I have never used antique but just being able to use the dies and finishes is an adventure. Best to try different products and combinations to find what works for you. It is very difficult to produce a list of this is what you need because everyone does things slightly different. Todd
  23. Given that information I wouldn't have a "Christmas Sale" or just have a sale on items you know you can get done. Nothing irritates a customer more than seeing an ad for a sale then when they show up or call they get the I'm sorry but what you want isn't part of the sale. Had this happen to me on a custom log bench, advertised on facebook a big sale, when we got there and went through all the details of what we wanted and placed the order then he said oh you want that for christmas, then its not on sale the sale only applies to items to be picked up after christmas. I would have walked but my wife wanted the bench to give as a gift. Just my $.02 Todd
  24. Nice work. Only negative I would comment on is generally you don’t want to cover the mag release, possibility of accidentally pushing it on reholstering exists. Todd
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