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  1. Thank you all. Chuck, that is double layer 16 or 17oz it is right at or just over 1/4" I don't think I measured it once it was stitched. Todd
  2. This is a set I just finished and will be picked up tonight. Its for a Smith and Wesson MP .40 full size. All comments and advice welcome. Todd
  3. I would go to JLS Leather on Etsy. He sells a pattern pack for mag pouches. It has single and double pouches for 1911. I have several of his patterns and they are all spot on stitching line wise. Todd
  4. In answer to your question about the inside of the leather being like suede, yes it is. That is what lead to the lined holsters. Also with the lined holster you get a stiffer holster which holds its shape really well. I have a couple that there is actually a click when you insert the gun. Todd
  5. @Frodo I am going to respectfully disagree. The suede type leather traps any grit and gunk you bring in when you holster your gun. Also I think the majority of suede leather is chrome tanned. I will stick with veg tanned liners, a little blue wear is better than a scratch from a piece of trapped grit or rust from the chrome tan chemicals. Todd
  6. Yes Adams leather he is with hank strange. I think you loose a little with the textured leather but it will work fine for practice. Todd
  7. Definitely stay with the veg tan for a liner. You can prebend but I routinely use two layers of 4-5 sometimes 5-6oz leather and have never had a problem with it wrinkling when bent. I always wet the centerline I am bending around inside and out pretty well before bending. I also have a shadow 2 and am working on a holster pattern. I highly recommend Sam Adams YT video where he shows how to get the stitch lines and then draw the holster. Adams Leather Works has a couple similar videos where he details how he gets the stitch lines. Also not sure how much detail you are shooting for but if you are looking to "bone" the holster for the gun detail to show through a lined holster makes that much more difficult. Good Luck, Todd
  8. With leather everything is a give and take. Best advice I have is get some chrome tanned and some veg tanned leather and make your products then test both and see what holds up better for your conditions. Todd
  9. @MCarlosED usually items like belts and ammunition carriers are made from Veg tanned leather. Cartridge loops made of chrome tanned leather would be to soft and wouldn't hold the shells, same for belts. I have no experience with carnauga wax, I just bought a bottle but haven't used it, but I have not had any failures using a top coat of resolene cut 50:50 with water. Mop and Glo floor polish cut 50:50 with water also works but there is usually a slight flowery scent. Todd
  10. Never found a good source, but frankly it would be cheaper than $7 plus shipping to just buy the ready made belt tape measure holders and take the clip off thats what I have done for the ones I need. Todd
  11. For a use like a sling if you are going to go with 2 layers you really do need to sew it. If you don't have a machine you may be able to take it to a saddle or boot repair shop and pay them to sew it. A sling from a competitive shooters is going to be subject to a lot of different stresses while he uses it as well as adjusts it for the different positions. Todd
  12. It appears mine has 2 threaded holes on the back so I am set. Thank you everyone for the help. ToddSorry the picture is sideways. Not sure how to rotate it.
  13. Uwe, Thank you for the information. I will get a picture of the back of the machine tonight. Todd
  14. Thank you everyone for the fixes. Bob is there a certain point the rod needs to be at before I tighten it? Thanks, Todd
  15. What are the options for a drop down edge guide on the CB 4500? Are there any pre drilled holes for mounting or do I have to drill my own? Thank you, Todd
  16. Have any of you CB4500 users had an issue with the reverse lever wanting to slip down thus shortening the stitches. I haven't used the machine in a couple months and last night when I went to use it I couldn't figure out why it was off while stitching in reverse then I noticed the lever was not staying where I put it. Also if anyone has a fix for this I would appreciate it. I can just hold it up but sometimes I start with 3 stitches in reverse then come forward to sew and I need to hold the threads. Thanks, Todd
  17. It is an avenger style around a Ruger Redhawk 45 colt. It is the first avenger pattern made from scratch. It works well but if I make another one I have several revisions noted on the pattern. This is a better picture. Todd
  18. One trick for basket weave I read on here is if you are having trouble keeping things straight mark your tool so you are always using it the same and not rotating it. I can attest to Barry King being better than current Tandy. I started with Tandy Pro basket weave stamps and did ok, I recently bought a Barry King. The first thing I noticed is it does not take as much concentration and effort on my part to keep everything lined up. Todd
  19. I have done it both ways and I Ike Dwight’s way. It’s a nice channel to lay the thread in. Tidd
  20. Try this Renia Aquilim 315 Cement. It is a contact cement that is water based and does allow just a little movement as you place the pieces. I have not had any problems with items coming apart. Todd
  21. Let me throw a different idea your way for multiple sizes of loops on the same belt. I am about to start my prototype gun belt for guys with more than one gun they like to carry. On the left side for the loops I am going to put a set of Pull the Dot snaps on. Then I am going to make individual sets of either 6 or 12 loops in the different calibers I carry that can be snapped on depending on which gun I am carrying. Little different idea for the same purpose. Todd
  22. Advice above is spot on, contact the dealer. If you want to look into it. Stand behind the machine and lift the pressor foot with the handle while watching the linkage that goes across to where foot lift chain attaches. With the foot locked up see if you can move the piece the chain pulls on, it should move easy if the foot is already locked up. Try these and let us know what you find. Todd
  23. Thank you both for your answers. Dwight how far do you usually put the loop from the end of the left side? Todd
  24. I am starting my first Ranger style belt and was wondering what the general consensus is for overlap of the wide piece of the belt. I know I will need to size the billets so I have some wiggle room but am wondering what everyone shoots for for the wide belt. I was thinking around and inch maybe 2 but don't want to get to carried away since it will be double layered so doubling that will be pretty thick. Thanks Todd
  25. The loops allow the leather to flex out so that the loops can go around the belt. On the one pictured the ears have to pull out the width of the gun before the loops can go over the pants and around the belt. Todd
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