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  1. Could be great if they stock some supplies, thread, bobbins, needles things like that. My concern is the level of knowledge of the employees. Of the 4 Tandy stores I have used none of the employees seem to have much if any knowledge of leather work let alone the machines. I asked a couple of questions about the Tippmann Boss when I had mine and they had no idea what I was talking about let alone how to help. Todd
  2. Check your needle size and make sure your needle is correct for the larger thread. Also when you change the top tension without affecting the stitches you may have too much bottom tension. I had that issue with my CB 4500 when it was new, I had a hard time balancing things and then by accident I found out there was something caught in the bobbin carrier and no matter what I was doing to the tension adjustments it wasn't changing. It popped free and life has been good since.
  3. What was copyrighted for the purposes of this discussion was the Al Stohlman floral carving pattern included with the sale of a holster makers pattern.
  4. And you JLS make a darn nice belt. Todd
  5. Thanks Josh, Casing and flattening is one option we talked about when I delivered it and I think thats where I will start. I like your idea of a lace to act as a backup. Thanks, Todd
  6. I like the floral and the contrasting thread. Great holster. Todd
  7. Wizard, I am not sure what route I am going to take, the backs of the snaps are embedded as this is a lined holster so any replacements would be exposed. I may try to drill the snaps out then replace them with pull the dot snaps with plastic covers on the inside. It also may be chalked up as a lesson learned and a replacement constructed. Todd
  8. Update, I delivered this holster to my friend last night. The 3 snaps to hold the belt loop is a fail. The loop keeps constant pull on the snaps to open so any little pull lets them come open. I should have used the pull the dot snaps but didn't because I thought trying to get it to snap or unsnap off the belt would be to cumbersome with the directional snap. Just wanted to put this out there incase someone else was thinking of doing one this way so you could avoid my mistake. Todd
  9. I am pretty much a rookie here but the common theme you keep stating is everything is good until you wax it. Maybe try not waxing and see a few days later if it still rubs off, if not that means there is something in the wax that reacts with the edge coat and makes it soft again. Maybe one of those situations where you have to choose one or the other. One thing I have started doing to get an even look for the die between the object and the edge is die everything at once when I am finished. Todd
  10. I use the Renia Aquilim. I really like it since I can use it in the house. @SLP it is the pro die, I am pretty sure it was my operator error that caused the color to be off. Worst part is dad saw this holster and thinks he may want one that color. Todd
  11. I did oil it but it was dark before I oiled. I am pretty sure I screwed up with my die applicator. Todd
  12. Here are a couple pictures of my latest holster, this one is for a friend who wanted to be able to take it off his belt without undoing the whole belt since he is left handed so I used 3 snaps instead of sewing the loop. Things are finally coming together. I learn something with each build. This one taught me to use contact cement not rubber cement for my edges, couldn't figure out why I always had a slight gap after gluing, sewing and sanding. Turns out the rubber cement was thick enough to notice. The die is supposed to be Fieblings Saddle Tan but I think my applicator must have gotten used for a darker die and put in the wrong bag, this is way darker than Saddle Tan. As always comments and criticism welcome. Todd
  13. Has anyone used one of the programs like Adobe Illustrator with some thing like a microsoft surface with the pen and traced around the firearm? Just wondering how close this would be to actual dimensions. Todd
  14. Looks good, like Bob said that stitching is a challenge and looks great. Todd
  15. I am very much just a hobbyist. I have looked around my area and we have a couple leather professionals. Any holsters or other things I sell I make sure not to undercut them as long as my quality is where it should be. If I do sell something for a little less, I make sure the individual knows that is a one time price and point out whatever flaw I was not happy with. Todd
  16. This is out of what I normally do but it looks like it is a completely different stitch. Yours angles through the and out the top theirs is only visible from the side not the top. Is it possible the leather top folds down to be sewn on the inside? Todd
  17. You are probably going to have a hard time finding a pattern exactly what you need. If you have the Stohlman book it tells you exactly what to do to create your own. Basically you fold a piece of heavy paper in the middle, put the gun on it on the barrel, sights down. then roll it to the left, for a right hand gun, and trace around the gun. Add about an inch to the tracing rounding out the curves, cut that out and fold it over and trace around it now you have the pouch. For the belt loop you need to refer to the book, I don't have it right in front of me but it will walk you through the process.
  18. For that particular gun, I would download the How to Make Holsters book from Tandy and make my own pattern. Western style patterns for revolvers are a great starting point and some of the easiest to make yourself. Todd
  19. I have been back and forth between the creaser and groover, I think I like the groover better. May be my eyes but I have a harder time following the creaser line than I do the groove.
  20. What does the arm on the left do? Is it kind of a support piece? Todd
  21. You can’t fix stupid but sometimes stupid needs fixed so they cannot pass the stupid gene along.
  22. Just tossing out a suggestion, maybe need just a touch more pressor foot tension. Stitches look excellent on the double layer so I wonder if the single layer follows the needle up a bit if that messes with the stitches. Todd
  23. No no terpentine, I got this recipe off this forum.
  24. I like 50:50 beeswax:neatsfoot oil by weight melted together. Todd
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