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  1. Do you remember a 231-8 and a 35800 DR? I got them and would love to know their history. The 231 was missing it's feed dogs and foot.
  2. Wiring A Clutch Motor To In Reverse

    thanks, I'll try swapping the wires and see what I get.
  3. I have an older Singer clutch motor 105-125 volts 60 cycles HP 1/2 PH. 1 model 9-996196-03 and it's going the wrong way for the machine I have It also has a big singer transmitter instead of the usual on/off switch. It has three wires, red, black, white and they're attached to the red, black, white (with green on black) to the motor. How do I re-wire it to go in reverse? thanks!
  4. Old Stitching Horses

    I had such a gap between the jaws I had to. I didn't think of wetting it. Did yours have that big a gap like line before you wet it? I'll do that if it would work as the extra piece make it more difficult to get the needle in if you're right on the edge....
  5. Just Bought Singer # 6

    i'm currently at 10 and I'm waiting to hear I get my 11th... problem. Not at all. okay maybe a little.
  6. Singer 110W125?

    I had one for a while, I didn't get too much into it, but the owner before me sewed ladies shoes on it for years with the roller.
  7. My Amish Buddies Sewing Machine

    I saw this old drawing of a Singer and thought of the original post...
  8. My Amish Buddies Sewing Machine

    they can also ride in cars and talk on phones! It's not a fear of electricity or what's it's made but living a simple life. They don't use zippers either. I grew up as an "english" kid in an amish community. I visited a few harness shops as a kid and loved it. The ones I visited used mostly older machinery and I know they ran on a leather belt system, like they use too before... electricity.
  9. Singer 112 Width Adjusting

    I'm getting my new 112 SV110 singer double needle going and it came with a wide double needle set up and I replaced it with a 1/4 dogs and needle holder. Now the hooks don't pick up the threads on the now closer needles. I noticed on the bottom of the machine there are two screws that the bobbins can move on and a gear that that two screws and looks like you unscrew it, slide it a bit towards the needle and then slide the bobbin holder till the hook hits the thread. Sound about right? Or is there an easier way? Thanks
  10. Fabric Sewing Machines For Leather

    Heavy duty home domestic machine with a zig zag feature. I used it also for denim. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/hsh/3138273747.html
  11. Fabric Sewing Machines For Leather

    Total agreement on the 15-91. I have 2 of them and use my 201 more as it's easier to load the bobbin. Basically the exact same machine except for the take up of the bobbin. I don't do a lot of leather on mine but do a lot of denim. 8 folds of it at times and might have to help it through the super thick stuff if I go slow... but it goes right through it. If you look a lot, you'll find a walking foot leather machine for cheap... (under 100) if you really look a lot. I also have 2 15-91's for sale and 306K....
  12. Do You Love Old Singer's?

    I have two 95-10's. I bought them as a deal and use the worst looking one as it seems to sew the best. But I just use it for denim. I probably wouldn't use it for any thick leather as the presser foot can only go so high. But it is a great machine for cloth. No reverse though...
  13. first this is the end all of end alls for knowledge on leather sewing machines. It's helped me tons on my quest with these type of machines. But I also have an addiction with other vintage sewing machines that aren't set up for leather sewing (like that cool 95-10) just posted. So I searched the net to find a place to help me with all my other non-leather sewing machines and came up with nothing... There really isn't a forum to discuss the vintage old machines so I did what any obsessed vintage sewing machine collector would do. I made one. Mods, feel free to delete this post if it's not to fit in here, but for the guys who sew leather and say denim or canvas and don't use the super heavy duty machines feel free to check out my forum dedicated just for vintage sewing machines. vintagesewingforum.com and I'd love some of the real experts on sewing machines to stop by from time to time. Your knowledge is priceless!
  14. Singer 31 Tech Help

    fixed it! It was all the way at the top. Never even looked at that yet. Now I noticed the bottom tension is all bunched up so that's my next fix but should just be an easy one... Thanks for the advice!
  15. Singer 31 Tech Help

    I will try that. I didn't mess with the stitch length. The machine looks really well loved so I doubt there is anything major.