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  1. Question about a pattern

    It looks like it was made with an embossing wheel.
  2. Passport Wallet

    Nicely done. That should serve him very well. Hope he has a grand time.
  3. Antique Stitching Horse

    You are welcome. I have the plans, the wood and the need. I just have to find the time.
  4. Antique Stitching Horse

    Found plans in an old book. Pages 98-104 https://ia802605.us.archive.org/32/items/farmwoodwork00roeh/farmwoodwork00roeh.pdf
  5. Help with a boot pattern

    These are the two boot styles that the photo reminds me of http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/shoe/SHOES/SHOE44.HTM This site has a ton of historical styles. It would be worth your time to check out. http://www.wojmir.pl/buty_ruskie.htm
  6. Tool Case

    Well done.
  7. Help with a boot pattern

    The boots in the picture look more like Wellington's than cowboy boots. Different process/pattern. Don't know how close you are to Chicago, but there is a leather working/shoe making school there. Techniques are modern, but with the right equipment, you can make most any style. Jason Horvatter of Laughing Crowe and Village Video shot a DIY video of Jason' non-lasted work boot. They should be finishing up here really soon. They thought they were going to be done last month, but still had a lot of editing to do. Once done, they will be available on he website. This might get you what you are looking for as far as construction goes without investing in sewing machines. I have something tugging at the edge of my memory that I have seen a pattern for boots similar to these, but they were more Medieval, possibly eastern European. If I remember where I saw it, I'll pass it along.
  8. http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/classes-100-199.html   This site is a great resource. It will give you a general over view of most models. So times you get lucky and get pictures too.
  9. Help with a boot pattern

    Possum, do you have any experience making a cowboy style boot?
  10. Backpack/Rucksack patterns

    If you need larger sheets, Dick Blick sell poster board. I had a box of 50 sheets delivered for about $50. That's with shipping and tax. Blick Economy Posterboard - 22" x 28" x 5 Ply, White Item#: 13109-1102
  11. Custom Book Cover

    I like them. If my father was still with us, I'd be asking you to make another of the Big Red One. Nice job.
  12. My hobby room

    Nice shed HS.
  13. Anyone Make Handles for Tools?

    If I was doing this for myself, I'd cut 3/4" or a bit less off and round it off until it was comfortable. See how it fits then. If it needs to be shorter, then trim a little bit off the end and round it off again.
  14. Anyone Make Handles for Tools?

    There will be a tang, but it shouldn't be an issue unless you are cutting off half the handle. Do you know how much you need to cut off?
  15. Why you should buy a round knife.

    All good to know. It looks like he has a detail knife and a long bevel knife available for sale now. Here's hoping its still available and he just hasn't updated his website.