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  1. Boot pattern book

    The Step by Step has a pull on boot, but its more of a Wellington, as I know it, than a cowboy boot. You might be better served with a different source. Check out Lisa Sorrell's Notions and Findings site. She has a notebook/DVD combo. Definitely more spendy, but cheaper than a one on one class and comparing the two books is like comparing apples and oranges. Lisa is all about the cowboy boots.
  2. Boot pattern book

    I ordered mine from Tim. Don't know what the exchange rate is right now, but last year I paid about 15 ~ 20 % less than asking price because of the exchange rate. It took about 3 ~ 4 weeks for the books to arrive. I ordered three of his books, one at a time. It was an easy transaction.
  3. Line 20 snaps, not Tandy

    I've not dealt with the Buckle Guy a lot, but I have never had an issue with an order, be it customer service or quality.
  4. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    Thank you! I have had no luck trying to track one down on the net. Much appreciated.
  5. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    Dave84, did you ever receive the larger manual? I just picked up an Adler 167 and I'm not finding anything other than the 12 multilingual user manual and the one in German. Und mein Deutsch ist schrecklich. I hoping you can point me towards a better manual that's in English.
  6. Brass Rivets / Buckles

    Weaver Leather also offers a military and first responder discount. http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/learn/military-discount
  7. Making Belts, The Easy Way

    Jim, thank you for taking the time to put this together and for sharing it. I really appreciate you letting me, a nooby, in on your trade secrets.
  8. Singer Parts & Manual 31-15 Mostly

    Simran, Do you still have the manual?