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  1. Find a round hole chisel

    Check out Rocky Mountain Leather Supply's KS Blade Punch - Round Dent
  2. Moulds for veg bags - wood or steel?

    Lotty, I have used wood moulds to make small bags with out any problems. If you are using a board, you have to be careful of the grain. Plywood works better John Welling has a good video on the process.
  3. Showing Off Soon

    Yes, I've been fortunate to grab a few of Nstarleather's SB hides before the color I wanted disappeared.
  4. Showing Off Soon

    Oh life is so unfair! I'm less than 4 hours from them and I haven't receive mine yet. Since it's a long weekend, the soonest I'll get it is Tuesday. *sigh* Totally jealous and very happy for you. Looking forward to seeing your new boots. FYI, Maverick Leather in Bend OR carries SB leather. Was looking last night and I've got to say their prices are really tempting. *sigh* Tuesday will eventually get here. Did I mention I'm jealous?
  5. Someone ask about a setup very similar to your pictures, oh I want to say it was spring of last year, but don't quote me. The answer that came back was an Amish gentleman makes them and his contact info was given. Good luck digging.
  6. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    It was the kind that I was mostly curious about. This is going to be an interesting project to watch. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Its doesn't have to be wood. You can make a rigid mold from scrap leather. Build up layers with glue in the basic shape, then carve/shape them. It just has to not fall apart if it gets damp/wet and not compress much.
  8. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    What's the leather you have on hand?
  9. That's a sweet pony. I'm thinking I'm going to have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing DJole. I appreciate it.
  10. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    Welcome to the forum. If this was for me and it was simply for show, I'd craft it from craft foam sheets and pick up a few leather jackets from Value Village to wrap the pieces. The leather is going to be distressed for you and it will be thin enough to manipulate. Use heavy duty spray adhesive or contact cement to stick the leather to the foam. Go slowly so you can mold the leather to the details built into the pieces.
  11. I like your solution. Not what the client wanted, but someone is going to want this.
  12. New member from Texas

    Welcome Andrew. This is a great place to hang out. It houses numerous lifetimes of information and the people are great. Nothing says you have to tool your work. Once you are comfortable with the basics you might decide you want to add a bit of detail. And if that's the case, you'll find world class artisans here who are more than willing to offer suggestions. But its something that takes practice.
  13. Great grand fathers tools

    I agree with Bikermutt, the awl looks like it was a small triangle file before it was worked into an awl. The black stuff looks like winter code or hand wax that shoemakers used on the threads for stitching the upper to the the sole. Winter hand wax is sticker than summer wax. Its a combination of pitch and wax. It protects the thread and seals up the holes.
  14. fingertip protectors for hand sewing

    If I struggle getting a needle through something I'm sewing, I use smooth jaw jewelry pliers. For my fingers, I sewed sleeves if you will out of some soft, thick leather. I made them a bit tight to keep them on. They work a treat and they don't interfere with dexterity.
  15. Consew 226-Thread Escaping Needle

    Do you have a camera you can use to record the machine sewing?