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  1. hammer differences

    Biker55, check out wrising.com for rawhide mauls and poly mauls. I picked up one of their rawhide mauls and I am more than pleased with it, especially for the price. They graciously tossed in a poly mallet with my order.
  2. carved boots

    Wow! They are stunning. Great job.
  3. Inspiration Please

    Jax, check out your local charity shops and see what they have to offer. I'm sure you'll find something to inspire you there.
  4. Ugg Boots

    It'll work and I think rather nicely, but be mindful of the allowance the book has you build into your pattern of the wool. The book suggests an ideal nap thickness is 15mm. You might want to mock up the first pattern in craft foam and see how it fits you.
  5. Are girls allowed? :P

    I just love your style.
  6. Question about lining a leather bag

    Your bag is looking good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Thanks for the pictures. It helps me to understand how a bag is constructed.
  7. Cowboy Bob

    CowboyBob is who you are looking for.
  8. What are these 2 machines called?

    Silverd, any chance you have a manual for the 5 in 1? I've look high and low for one and have come up empty handed.
  9. Hand sewing tip for people with arthritis

    I have arthritis in both thumbs, in the bottom joint. I can't grip things like I used to anymore. I've found a few things that help with hand sewing. Using a stitching clamp to hold it so I don't have to grip the work piece makes a big difference for me. I found a leather thimble years ago that I wear on my thumb. It has a metal disk that you push against. Mine is made out of 2+ oz soft leather. It's three times as thick as the one I found at JoAnn's. If you search for coin thimble you'll find something like it. The closest I see is Clover Coin thimble, but it's easy to think the leather is thick looking at the picture, but it could be an illusion. But if you pick up one of the cheapies, you'll have the coin insert and a pattern to make your own. I found an awl on ebay that is a long slender one. The point is fine and the taper isn't aggressive. I use it to stretch open the holes I've punched with a stitching chisel. Once it's opened up a bit, the needle slides through and they close back up afterwards. Tools help, but they can do only so much. I found that cutting out wheat, potatoes and tomatoes (night shades) makes a big difference in how much my hands hurt or don't hurt. If I have a couple slices of bread or white potatoes at dinner, I know my hands will ache the next day. This is my trigger. Yours may be different.
  10. I'm just getting my machines up and running. Honestly, thread sizes (not as much) needle sizes, thread types and manufactures are all a mystery to me right now, but please do keep me posted. Send a PM if I've gone quiet. I've got a might bit on my plate right now, now that the weather has turned nice.
  11. That black cherry is just gorgeous. I love the teak as well. Gawd, I need more storage space.
  12. Looks great. I really like the style. The only critique I'll offer is to suggest you put a flap over the zippers. They look like they could be in just the right place to be annoying on bare skin.
  13. The copper rivet looks like it was chucked into a hand drill and polished.
  14. Those turned out nicely, especially for a first attempt. What was the machine and thread combo that didn't work out for you? Just curious because I'm still hand sewing and haven't ordered machine thread yet.
  15. 29K Broken Base

    As far as I can tell, there isn't that much stress, unless the base is warped. The gap isn't as big as I've pictured. It fits together rather nicely. There a few crumbs missing. My guess is someone dropped it on the point. So welding it is. Now to find someone who can do it and doesn't want an arm and a leg. I don't want to spend more on the welding than I did for the sewing machine. Thanks for the input.