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  1. Let me just say WOW! I'm beyond impressed. If that is truly your third bag, then you are seriously talented and a quick study. Your bags are going to be a smashing success. Please considering making them in other colors, you know, for those of us who can't keep white clean.
  2. Quality question for punch tools

    Mocivnik, check out Goods Japan leather tools offerings. I have purchased a few of their pricking irons and their smallest edger. I've been very happy with all of them. I can't imagine that their punches wouldn't be the same quality.
  3. Medieval Money Pouch

    I love it. I'm not a fan of pink for the most part, but I love that color. It turned out awesome. I wouldn't have liked it of it was "professional". It would have looked factory made. One glance and you can tell it was make with skill and love. Great job Dad. Don't forget to post the sheath and backpack when you get them done.
  4. Boot pattern book

    The Step by Step has a pull on boot, but its more of a Wellington, as I know it, than a cowboy boot. You might be better served with a different source. Check out Lisa Sorrell's Notions and Findings site. She has a notebook/DVD combo. Definitely more spendy, but cheaper than a one on one class and comparing the two books is like comparing apples and oranges. Lisa is all about the cowboy boots.
  5. Boot pattern book

    I ordered mine from Tim. Don't know what the exchange rate is right now, but last year I paid about 15 ~ 20 % less than asking price because of the exchange rate. It took about 3 ~ 4 weeks for the books to arrive. I ordered three of his books, one at a time. It was an easy transaction.
  6. Line 20 snaps, not Tandy

    I've not dealt with the Buckle Guy a lot, but I have never had an issue with an order, be it customer service or quality.
  7. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    Thank you! I have had no luck trying to track one down on the net. Much appreciated.
  8. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    Dave84, did you ever receive the larger manual? I just picked up an Adler 167 and I'm not finding anything other than the 12 multilingual user manual and the one in German. Und mein Deutsch ist schrecklich. I hoping you can point me towards a better manual that's in English.
  9. Brass Rivets / Buckles

    Weaver Leather also offers a military and first responder discount. http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/learn/military-discount
  10. Making Belts, The Easy Way

    Jim, thank you for taking the time to put this together and for sharing it. I really appreciate you letting me, a nooby, in on your trade secrets.
  11. Singer Parts & Manual 31-15 Mostly

    Simran, Do you still have the manual?