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  1. I don't know if I have something check that shouldn't be or don't have something checked, but I have immediate notification selected for all the threads I'm following, but the only time I'll get an email is when I'm quoted in someone's reply. Is there something else I need to toggle on/off so I get the email notifications when someone responds to a thread I'm following?
  2. 29K Broken Base

    I'll borrow a camera this weekend and post a picture. Ouch! That looked like an ugly break. Nice save.
  3. 29K Broken Base

    Nice fix. I'm a fan of JB Weld, but I have never tried it on cast iron.
  4. I have a 29k that the base broke at the hole for the wooden table top upright. Would JB Weld be a good choice to fix it? I don't think I'll ever make/use the table, but I'd still like to fix it.
  5. Lasts

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to write that all up. That answers a lot of my questions. I just wish there was a chart with the at least a couple of the last measurements. I am a huge fan of Lisa and her work. I know that doing the videos are a major pain and time sink for her, but they are invaluable to those of us who will never make it to Guthrie. Not all boot/shoe makers are willing to share, especially to the degree she does. Thanks again for sharing.
  6. Lasts

    Was that with the Help:Choosing a Last $40 option? How did you make your pedigraph? Mind if I ask what size you normally wear and what size last you received?
  7. Lasts

    Good to know. Thanks.
  8. What's unclear? The guy didn't like the needle position servo. Found it too complicated for his tastes and is selling it for a third of new. I will agree the "!" for the hp isn't helpful, but if you are interested, ask.
  9. Center Line On Edges

    The face on a cobbler's hammer is a bit domed and larger than a ball peen. The one I have is about an inch and 5/8 across. This allows you to hit the leather and not have the edge of the face dig in and leave a mark. You can get cobber hammer heads off of eBay for any where from $5 w/shipping to the seller is emotionally attached to it and won't part with it for less the $200. You can buy a French style hammer new for about $50. The other, less sexy style, about $30. But if you have a ball peen hammer head that is large enough and a belt sander, you can put a slight dome on it yourself.
  10. Go to Sheridan!

    You and me both.
  11. Lisa Sorrell is carrying a smallish collection of lasts. She has cowboy boot lasts, ladies pumps and flats lasts, men's dress shoes, sandal lasts and athletic shoe lasts. They are reasonably priced at $85 a pair. You can buy them by the pair. You don't have to buy an entire run of a design. Next month I'm hoping to be able to order a pair of the athletic lasts to use for flat soled shoes. Heels in general mess with my back. The athletic last looks like it'll work for everyday style of shoes.
  12. Nice job on both of them. Where's your pair?
  13. It's all up to you. They are your creations in your style. If you can sew it without it moving, then you don't need glue to hold it in place while you sew. But gluing it may help your edges look neater when you finish them.
  14. I have seen primitive style sheaths made from dog rawhide bones. The rawhide was soaked until it was pliable. Because pieces were so thick he would stretch it flat and let it dry. Then he sanded it if I remember correctly to thin it. When it was as thick as he wanted it, it was soaked again and formed over a mold to dry. Some were left plain, so had designs pressed into it while it was drying. Natural dyes were used to stain it. Bones, stones, hair, teeth, and what not to decorate it.
  15. Barry King Mauls

    I picked up my rawhide maul from wrising.com. The price was more than reasonable and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was impressed with it when it arrived. Lot of value for the price.