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  1. Do you have a pattern you can share?
  2. Spot Setter

    I am getting more orders for items lined with spots. I do not do well setting a long line of spots consistently by hand. Is the Weaver Little Wonder the best machine to set spots? Will it set them easily and consistently? I don't mind spending the money, I just want to get the job done with much less trouble than it is now.
  3. Consew 227R

    Sorry no trades, I am out of space.
  4. Consew 227R

    Price reduced to $975.00
  5. Consew 227R

    Make a reasonable offer, I need to get it moved in the next two weeks.
  6. Consew 227R

    Consew 227R, not sure of age but in good working order. Speed reducer, table, flat top attachment. Moving shop to a smaller location or it would not be for sale. I am out of room. Pick up in Western, NC. $1050.00
  7. Landis Splitter For Sale

    What part of Tenn are you ?
  8. Stamped Leather Expansion

    I attach the shelf paper before I case it. I am not sure it would stick as well if the leather was wet.
  9. Stamped Leather Expansion

    I use self stick shelf paper. It is easy to cut to the size of the project and easy to remove.
  10. Improve image

    I bought some boxes from they were good to work with. I had to buy 100 but they were around $0.50 each. I took them to a local print shop and had my logo put on top for another $1.00 each. They only had boxes to fit my wallets and small things but they are sturdy enough to mail. Just put a label on the bottom and wrap it once with shipping tape. I have a couple of retailers that sell my work. The boxes sure did get more attention in the retail space. I am looking for boxes large enough for portfolios and other items.
  11. I would like to get a pattern for a CCW Vest .
  12. How You Can Help

    I thought at one time there was an option to buy a membership or subscription to the site? That would make it a business deduction!!
  13. I don't plan to do much retail. I don't have the personality it for after 32 years in public service. I just need more work space ( just me and the leather). Plan to sell with website and continue word of mouth.