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  1. How You Can Help

    I thought at one time there was an option to buy a membership or subscription to the site? That would make it a business deduction!!
  2. I don't plan to do much retail. I don't have the personality it for after 32 years in public service. I just need more work space ( just me and the leather). Plan to sell with website and continue word of mouth.
  3. Shop Press for clicking - what is big enough??

    Thanks, I found it, it was a real good price. But it was too far away.
  4. Looking to buy a shop press to convert to a clicker. Most of the conversions I have seen on here are 20 ton. I am using 2-10oz leather and cramped for space. Is the 6 ton table top to small? Which is best 6,12 or 20 ton?
  5. I am tying to do some binding with my 227. Can you give me specifics of the binder you bought, any modifications you had to make, How heavy of leather can you use? Are you happy with it? 

  6. Where did you get that stitching pony? 

    1. alpha2


      It's the better of the two Tandy ones. With some mods done for ease of use.

    2. alpha2


      It's the better of the two Tandy ones. With some mods done for ease of use.


  7. Those two saddles look pretty old. I know that back in the 70s and before, Ryon's saddles were made right there in the shop north of the stockyards in Fort Worth. I used to sit and watch them work. They had some good old time saddle makers. I wish I had paid more attention back then. Several famous saddle makers came through the Ryon's shop and then went out on their own. I remember they went through some changes in the late 80s - 90s time period and Luskey's bought them out. Search some copies of the Quarter Horse News or Western Horseman, they will have the chronology of the transition. Both publications have online resources. I bet there are some old timers who could match the number to the maker. I have some old catalogs from the 70s. I know the saddle pictured by hobblecreek is in them. I wish I could buy them for those prices again.
  8. Looking for a stamp

    Trying to find a cotton boll stamp to use on a 11/2" belt???
  9. Thanks guys, I kind of knew that was the answer. I have just out grown this place and do not have any other options for the next 24 months.
  10. How much ventilation do I need to use an air brush? I have a small shop with no windows. If I put a fan in the door it blows across my office where people are working. Can you send me photos of how your air brush station is set up? Do I need to move outside?
  11. Cobra 3

    Sorry this machine is no longer available.
  12. Rivets???

    I have never used rivets very much. I stitch everything. I am getting more request for rivets at the stress points and attaching straps to messenger bags and purses. There must be a video going around that tells people it is bad to stitch or poke holes in leather and leather goods should be riveted instead of stitched. I don't mind using rivets if it sells product and doesn't diminish the quality of my work. My question is Which type of rivets are best for construction and which ones are more for decoration. My observation is that copper rivets with burs are the strongest. But they only come in copper. Tubular rivets appear to be strong, do they have to be used with a washer? They are not offered for sale that way? split rivets look strong also but not very attractive. Am I correct in thinking double cap rivets and other in that category more decorations and not strength? You guys have always been a wealth of wisdom, I am looking forward to the input.