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  1. Trying to find a cotton boll stamp to use on a 11/2" belt???
  2. Thanks guys, I kind of knew that was the answer. I have just out grown this place and do not have any other options for the next 24 months.
  3. How much ventilation do I need to use an air brush? I have a small shop with no windows. If I put a fan in the door it blows across my office where people are working. Can you send me photos of how your air brush station is set up? Do I need to move outside?
  4. Sorry this machine is no longer available.
  5. I have never used rivets very much. I stitch everything. I am getting more request for rivets at the stress points and attaching straps to messenger bags and purses. There must be a video going around that tells people it is bad to stitch or poke holes in leather and leather goods should be riveted instead of stitched. I don't mind using rivets if it sells product and doesn't diminish the quality of my work. My question is Which type of rivets are best for construction and which ones are more for decoration. My observation is that copper rivets with burs are the strongest. But they only come in copper. Tubular rivets appear to be strong, do they have to be used with a washer? They are not offered for sale that way? split rivets look strong also but not very attractive. Am I correct in thinking double cap rivets and other in that category more decorations and not strength? You guys have always been a wealth of wisdom, I am looking forward to the input.
  6. I recently got a bottle of Weaver Oil Stain to play with. It is intended to be mixed with neatsfoot or saddle oil. I really like the color and the texture it produces. My question is can it be sealed enough to protect clothes from the oil residue? Does anyone have any experience? I have used tan kote so far and it seems to work but I don't want to sell something and ruin someone's clothes.
  7. It looks like my shop is too small and my business has changed. Since I only have room for one sewing machine and I am making lighter weight items now days I am going to sell my nearly new Cobra 3. Bought it 2015 used only a few hours. I planned on making holsters and sheaths but my business is mostly belts, wallets and other small items. I will be looking for a something along the lines of a CB227, CB341 or equivalent. Pick up in Lake Lure, NC. Asheville area. $1900 or trade for a lighter weight machine. I will include a few spools of 277 thread, needles, feet and flatbed work platform. That is $400 off the price of a new machine with the work platform.
  8. I agree, this place has made a big difference in me being able to enjoy what I do as a hobby and make a little money as well.
  9. I was looking for a better grade of glue. I ordered a can of Barge All Purpose Cement and Barge Thinner. It did not come with instructions for how much thinner to use. Is there a guide to go by??
  10. I get single and double horse fronts from Maverick. They come in thicknesses just like the veg tan. I have found I can go with a lighter weight in horse hide than I can veg tan. It holds up well.
  11. If there is another thread for this please point me there. I am having a very hard time getting my dye colors to come out right. I dilute 50/50 with DA. I have dipped, brushed, swabbed and almost every other method I have found on here. The color almost always come out darker than I want or it is uneven. I know some of the evenness depends on the grain of the leather but this is not case here. My question, I have never had nor seen an air brush work. I am willing to get one, but how much space do I need to set it up. Does the work space have to be confined in any way? Is there a lot of drift, can you use them in a house setting or any where near your other projects?
  12. Thanks for your help.
  13. I just got it and need to read instructions. The wheel is marked 15 to 30 degrees in 5 degree increments.
  14. Thanks, I am new to sharpening. Would you suggest I set angle jig to 20 and then follow their instructions? I have been trying to use a diamond stone 1200 grit but I am not getting the angle consistent..
  15. At what angle should a round knife be sharpened? Just got a Ken Onion Work Sharp and hope the round knife bevel is one of the preset angles on this sharpener.