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  1. Very neat and tidy and a good looking finish,like the lining and zipped pocket ...nicely done!
  2. Hi from Suffolk UK

    I like what you've done Charlie,your friend should be pleased with the sheath!
  3. Video Tips On Bevelling Edges

    Great...I'm subscribed to your videos so will look out for it....cheers.
  4. Video Tips On Bevelling Edges

    Hi,could you please share how you prepare the the tallow and carborundum powder for the buff stick,do you mix them together first and then apply,or do you rub the tallow in first and then the carborundum powder.Also what grit is the powder.I've got some 600 grit and some plumbers tallow and would like to make a buff stick....cheers.
  5. Fantastic...looks like a high end professional piece of work!
  6. Some nice work there!......think your hand written stamp looks good on something small like a wallet,could use the other one on belts and such.
  7. figure carving

    Very good indeed....if that's a practice piece,I'll look forward to your next work!
  8. Thanks for the reply Bob,like it so much I've ordered some tan antique...nice job indeed!
  9. That looks great Bob,could you tell us about the finishing,oils,blockers, dyes,...etc.
  10. first motorcycle seat

    I'd be well pleased with that Matt.
  11. Well the leather work looks pretty good.
  12. Custom Hydra Stamp

    Very clever...I like them....just off to goggle "Delrin"