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  1. northmount> good deed. It will be useful for many beginners asking for such howto. One document is clearer than hunting that on the forum thread.
  2. sporran

    When talked to the recipient of the sporran at the page beginning, I promised to make another. So, here it is.
  3. sporran

    gmace99> Agree. I told that earlier. It was made as day sporran for the son of my friend. Pouch is about 20 percent smaller than regular sporrans.
  4. sporran

    Sporran tassels, far as I know, have the only decorative meaning. Sporran is not and also never was a kind of ammo pouch. Since the kilt worn by Scottish highlanders had no pockets, they used sporrans for personal belongings. So it stands for a "pouch substitute". You probably mean cartridges which were carried in bellyboxes. But that's the really different thing.
  5. Looks good. It will be a little too heavy with a head on the front.
  6. sporran

    Thanks. I covered it with multiple layers of Eco-Flo Antique gel. Smudged with cotton wool pad to achieve the effect. Then I applied Fiebing's Tan Kote as a finish.
  7. sporran

    They have no real meaning. Just decoration.
  8. During my holiday in Highlands I promised to make a sporran for a friend. We lived in his house an I'd like to give him a kind of thanks. It's very first sporran I made. Sporran is based on pattern by James Smith, which I found on this forum.
  9. Today I saw very nice pattern (see picture). I suppose, it's some kind of stamping stuff, but can't imagine which tool to use. Anyone can tell how to do it?
  10. Few days ago I started my CAD and drew my first wallet. Transfered to leather and .... .....it works! I took a lot of inspiration on this forum prior to the try. Thanks all for that.
  11. Thanks a lot. New owner is also very satisfied.
  12. Just finished a strap for my friend. LINE 6 Relay G55 pouch is on the back. Wooden dummy transmitter is inserted. As I don't own bass, I had to use my LTD EC-401 as a model.