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  1. Free Pdf Book On English Saddle Making

    Link to pdf is no longer good ... anyone still have a copy? I am working on an english saddle and would love to have more info ...
  2. Camel Leather?

    Has anyone ever worked with Camel leather? Veg tan or Chrome tanned?
  3. another commission holster

    Very nice! How long have you been carving? How did you learn?
  4. ISO a planner with Cross Cannons

    I have emailed you, ArmyWife
  5. ISO a planner with Cross Cannons

    I would love to help!
  6. Hey there, did you ever get those plans put into an ebook or pdf? I am interested in building one ...

  7. Photographing open wallets

    Yup ... probably easier to find/bend to the desired angle ...
  8. Ragnar lothbrok leather raven

    Price would depend on the size of the raven needed ...
  9. Photographing open wallets

    I find using old plastic (think old pop bottles or milk jugs), heat them just a touch and form to the needed shape, then insert into the wallet so it can't be seen and you are good to go!! Hope this helps ...
  10. Wow, beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hand sewing tip for people with arthritis

    Thanks for the Tip! Anything to cut down on my hand pain ....
  12. I just thought I would circle back around (taking way to long to do so!!) and thank y'all for the advice. I ended up recommending replacing the whole horn and explaining why ... he decided to rewrap in rubber and leave it at that!
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the reply! As it turns out, the gentleman wanted the cap circumference shortened, not the actual horn. That would involve removing the leather, perhaps filing down the rawhide (?) and then gluing and recovering, right??
  14. Morning y'all, don't post often, but I guess I should... I have a client that needs a horn shortened on his saddle. Has anyone done this before? How would I even start with this (it is a finished saddle...). I think that I need to strip the horn down, cut it, reinforce it with a bolt through the horn and gullet, then recover with leather ( of course!!) This seems to me to be the strongest way to get this done. The gentleman is a team roper, so the horn will be put through some good hard use... Does this sound right? Any tips?? Respectfully Frank B.