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  1. Landis 12 L

    Rebuilt head. very reliable. speed reduced servo motor. If interested please call 507-474-1984.
  2. i would get a 20U clone and attatch a roller foot. It will do the job even at 138 thread. it also has zigzag. simply replace the feet between functions. TWO MACHINES IN ONE !?!?!?!?!? thats right folks. I got mine with guts feathers and all delivered for under $700. google: Zamir sewing he's a good man and can get anything you want.
  3. Cb 2500-$800 + Shipping

  4. Cb 2500-$800 + Shipping

  5. Cb 2500-$800 + Shipping

    Cowboy 2500 gently used. This is the grey model. sews great. two pressor feet and roller foot. table motor speed reducer. Used to sew several pair of boots. Don't use it much and I am moving and don't have the room for it. I will pack it in four inches of foam inside the table and place and secure it to a pallet. everything else is up to you. 507-474-1984
  6. Tippmann Aerostitch For Sale

    price drop $1500.00
  7. Singer 7-33

    Both machines gotta go. complete setup. The 7-33 and cb2500. guts feathers and all. $2000.00 I'll work with you on the shipping. 507-474-1984
  8. Singer 7-33

    Also includes Cowboy CB2500 head and necessary attachments
  9. Singer 7-33

  10. Singer 7-33

    Sews great. I'll ship to anywhere but you gotta pay for it. Singer 7-33 $2000.00 507-474-1984
  11. Tippmann Aerostitch For Sale

    machine sews great. no room for it. I will ship to anywhere but you gotta pay for it. Tippmann Aerostitch $2000.00 507-474-1984
  12. Toro 3000

    Why does everyone try to get "bottom dollar"? That machine is well worth $1400.
  13. Boot Lasts For Sale

  14. Boot Lasts For Sale

    Jones and vining style "E". 3.5-15 in various widths. 82 pair total. $30 per pair. can email pics if interested. call 507-474-1984 or PM if interested.