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  1. Singer 45K69 Channeling Knife

    don't know if you still need it but I have one I could get you a picture of.
  2. are you looking for a singer 97-10

  3. I actually watched this video, Wiz, before I posted. Thanks tho; I should have mentioned it but failed to. I'm not crazy about the automatic oiler. I wonder if there is any way to oil the thing by hand? I rarely see fast enough for an automated oiling system. I had a Singer bottom feed with automated oiler and never did like it. Sold it years ago.. Simran
  4. I do a lot of canvas and leather sewing of bags of all sorts for Redezvous, bicycling, camping, canoeing and other outdoor activities. been doing it for a lot of years I don't make any money at this but I have a good time and it keeps me busy in the winter during the dark cold winter months. I currently have 3 machines: a Singer 7 class flatbed, singer 45 class cylinder bed and a Thompson Miniwalker. I am wanting to replace the Thompson with a little sturdier machine for doing most of the canvas sewing & sewing some lighter leather to the canvas for trim, pockets etc. I have found a Chandler C-75/ Mitsubishi LU-105 (one in the same I believe) for 300.00; just the head. I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand information on this machine as far as how well it will fit into my arsenal of machines for what I'm doing. I've looked at new machines and I am just not serious enough about this to make a business out of it; therefor can't justify the price of a new machine. Thanks for any help out there. Simran
  5. Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machines For Sale

    What sub class is this pfaff? Simran
  6. Singer 97-10

    LOL, just realized how old this post is. Not even sure how I ended up here.
  7. Singer 97-10

    How long could you store this machine? I gotta go through that way in June or July Simran
  8. Singer 45-69 On Treadle Stand W/ Bobbin Winder

    No this machine is still available. thanks
  9. Singer 45-69 On Treadle Stand W/ Bobbin Winder

    I should make a correction on the description of this machine. The plate & foot have been modified to sew flat stock. The stitch length indicator has been filed out to accommodate a longer stitch than required for sole stitching.
  10. Singer Parts & Manual 31-15 Mostly

    I've got a speed reducer from a Singer table that will probably work on most anything $20.00 OBO you ship Nice bobbin winder for 31-15 and others. $20.00 you ship random foot pedal from a singer K stand I think. Free you pay shipping. Nice manual for a 30-15. It has parts list & restoration info. too. $15.00 OBO you ship Take it all and we'll talk turkey on price. I really just don't want to throw this stuff away; so make me an offer.
  11. Located in Stockholm, SD I am selling both these heavy machines as my needs are changing. I am going to be sewing less leather and more canvas. This machine is a sweat heart. it is with great trepidation that I offer this for sale. The fact that it is on a treadle stand and has the original bobbin winder makes it unique. This machine is all original except the table top. The table top is plywood. I am assuming the original was probably butcher block but I'm not sure. This machine was designed to be a sole stitcher; the only one Singer ever made as far as I know. I'm sure this machine has some collectible value but it would be a good working machine as well. I am asking $1200.00 for the machine, stand & bobbin winder. call 605.676.2558 I will deliver this machine 50 miles or so. If shipping is needed I will pallet this machine & haul it to Watertown, SD for shipping.
  12. Located in Eastern South Dakota This is a Singer 7-31. The 31 designation, in the day, meant that this machine was a 7 class designed to be run on an old fashioned overhead, wide belt pulley system with a clutch on the flywheel. This has all been removed and this machine is mounted IN a table instead of ON a table; like most of them are. It is in a Singer table with a Singer low speed motor (1650? rpm) made for the older period machines. The table was for, I think, a surger as the table has a bit of a cut out you can see just in front of the bed that accommodated a wider machine than the 7 Class. The 7 Class sets on two steel brackets I had made to accommodate the weight of the machine. As you can see, in the last photo, this machine makes a nice stitch. Everything works as it should and the paint & decals on this machine look good for the year. RUNS ON 110V Price: $1550.00 Call 605.676.2558 I will deliver this machine up to a point free; 50 miles or so. If you want to ship it; I will put it on a pallet and haul it to Watertown, SD to a shipping company. I think this machine & table weigh in the neighborhood of 270-300 lbs. Not sure on that but close I bet. I will work with you on getting it to where it needs to go.
  13. Info Request: American Straight Needle

    I had one of these American Straight Needle machines for a few years while I was building boots. I think I paid around 500 for it in extremely good condition. Dang thing never missed a stitch. I used it for sewing side seams. Worked good for that and also sewing knife sheaths. I think I still have the soling plate from the one I had. When I sold it; it had the flat plate on it with a roller guide I had made for it.
  14. Parts For A Singer 45K69

    I used to have an Adler shoe patching machine. I loved that thing but didn't use it that much. I finally sold it and have regretted it ever since. A shoe patcher is one of this machines that does a job that, simply, nothing else can duplicate. If you've ever had one you almost can't do without one again. That Adler was a good one!
  15. Parts For A Singer 45K69

    I studied up on the K21 a bit and it IS very similar to the K69; even the stitch length parameters are the same. I am pretty much convinced that a standard straight set of feed dogs will fit. Like you, I am also convinced that no needle plate will fit except the one that is on it. I do, however , think I can get the trade school here to make a plate that will work. That way I can reverse any modifications that are done and bring the machine back to original. I could sell it and buy a Ga5-1 model of some type or other but for me it is all about having a cylinder arm machine on a treadle base. I don't want to seperate the two components at this late stage in history. To me that would be tragic. Thanks all for walking me through this. now let's ssseeeee . . . . .