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An Extension Of Our Unique Characters

Have you ever noticed that every now and then when you’re more observant to the world around you, you see more of what people are doing? You see how they look, the style of their clothes, the amount of cleavage their clothes show, what kind of bag they have and what it’s made of. You see the style of shoes they are wearing and the condition they’re in, the colors of their clothes can tell you about the mood they might be in and so on. These things give us a clearer notion or feeling of their current state of mind, attitude and possibly their deeper character.

Some of these things will change and vary from day to day and time to time. Like a t-shirt with a message on it won’t be worn the next day, or a hair style today might change in the next coming weeks, shoes change on a daily basis. But some things won’t change for a very long period of time, like a genuine distressed leather bag. And it’s these things that could be considered an extension of a person’s character. These things are usually of sentimental value, mostly because they have endured throughout the years and have been with you on many adventures.

In many ways the style, fashion, material and color of a bag can give others a sense and feel of the kind of person you might be. Many of us have different intentions when we buy a new bag. Many times we want to impress our friends or co-workers, or we simply need a bag that is most suitable for our line of work or lifestyle. Some of us want to feel like we are more than we actually feel we are, so we buy a bag that reflects a romantic or ideal vision of ourselves. Some of us buy a bag because it simply looks good or goes well with the tone of our skin. Some of us are drawn to a bag because it gives us a sense of security or makes us feel more confident. And then there are those of us that are genuinely completely ecstatic about a particular bag.

In the end, we buy the bag that we like, not just to look at, but to use, to carry and to show the world who we are. They personify who we are and who we hope to be, almost as if they are a piece of the puzzle to our characters. Just as every genuine leather bag is unique, so is every person who chooses one. They are an extension of our unique characters.

By Noah Nichols

Gritty Rustic Leather


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I have been dealing with this very issue for about 10 years. Couldn't find a bag that suited me much less my lifestyle, so I invented a new category. This has been a very long journey. Now the problem is how to commercialize my idea. You nailed my biggest hurdle, to many their carrying case is an extension of them. My case has a split personality. Take a look at letrav.com to see what I mean. Your are right, we buy what looks good but it also must function in our daily lives. Still working on perfection.

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Hey there, I looked at your website and I must say I really like your design concept. It surely works for both your casual and professional life. I think there are a couple of avenues out there that you could use to get this idea commercialized and going.

Edited by GrittyRusticLeather

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Thanks for taking a look. I am working on a Kickstarter campaign an will need any support I can get. More buzz, more likes, more traffic, the better. If you have any suggestions for avenues please do tell.

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Let's do it then. I would love to help you out with whatever I can. If you are looking for traffic to a link, promoting a product, a start up company or product, promoting a blog then I would recommend the almighty little Instagram. Currently Instagram has over taken Facebook as the biggest platform for building a fan-base and driving traffic to websites. t costs nothing and is the biggest trend for companies and individual people. All you need is the know how. If you have never used Instagram before or have and need some tips then here are the steps to a successful post.

  1. Create an Instagram account filling in all the details. Use a good business name user I.D like LeTrav. You want to come off as a business.
  2. Post an image. The image should not be a graphic designed image but an interesting photograph of something related to your field of business or an image of the actual product itself.
  3. In the text area for the posting you want to be a bit radical in a positive way or make a strong point about the image or be humorous. Instead of saying something common like "new prototype versatile backpack briefcase" in all of your posts, you should mix it up and say something like "The first and last bag you will ever need".
  4. Followed by the text you want to write your website web-link of importance. like www.letrav.com
  5. After you have written the text you want to begin adding hashtags. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags. Hashtags make you discover-able through Instagram's search function and some other unknown functions. Your first hashtag after the text and web-link should be your company or products unique name hashtag. Example: #letrav
  6. After the hashtag letrav, you want to add 29 more. These 29 more should be related to your product and the field of business. I usually add 14 hashtags related to the product itself and 15 hashtags related to the industry. Example: 14 hashtags related to the product itself would be #backpack #briefcase #bag #messengerbag #satchel #laptopbag etc...and then 15 hashtags related to the industry #menswear #mensfashion #mensstyle #businesscasual #travel #hiking #business #mensaccessories etc...
  7. Here is an example posting from my Instagram account. At the bottom it shows the amount of people who have liked the posting. It doesn't show the amount of followers you obtained from the posting. But once people follow you they will see everything you post in their home feed and in search as well.

Here is a website that will tell you the most popular hashtags for your product or industry. Just type a word in the search box and it will tell you great hashtags to use. http://hashtagify.me/

I hope my reply was very helpful to your start up. If you have any question about this let me know. 

Edited by GrittyRusticLeather

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