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  1. Double mag holster/pouch

    That looks real nice, I don't know why I was thinking AR mags. I'm sure he'll be happy.
  2. Passport Wallet

    Very nice, clean lines is always a classic look
  3. 6 slot bi-fold

    I slightly modified a pattern from @makerplace and put together this 6 slot. I still need more practice but it hold everything I carry. Thoughts, critiques, input always welcome. 4-5 0z outer, 3-4oz inner. Gum trag inside and tan coat outside, Sewn on CB3200 and Singer 111W155 for the liner. Sorry I should have straightened out the cards for the picture
  4. My son's first wallet

    That's pretty nice for a first one. My first one is nailed to the wall of shame in my shop.
  5. Which locking method do you prefer

    #3 works for me, but I only back stitch 2 or 3 .
  6. I have a 11W155 and like SHark9 said the one you see in the CL add is highly modified definitely not worth the asking price. For that money I bought myself nice well maintained 111W155 and had enough left over to get the servo conversion. I'd say pass on that one and look around for one that will do belts (2 layers of 3-4) Wallets are no problem and some light weight holsters are even possible with care. Good luck
  7. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    I think the roses are amazing, please do not forget to share progress photos.
  8. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    It was not meant as a pat on the back, I'm amazed by your arrogance, your refusal to accept the gift of honest critique and your inability too see that you're skipping steps 1-5 before you start on the finish of your less than well made leather items. The truth is I have better looking projects in my scrap bucket. Good luck to you. I think you'll need it.
  9. I figured it out, I missed the check spring when rethreading he machine. Thanks in advance
  10. Second project

    I like the color choice and traditional design. I have two machines and I also hand stitch and I'm still making wavy lines every now and then. Keep it up, it's looking good. Oh yeah, too small you say? I have a few holsters on my wall of shame that fit that bill, but not the guns they were made for.
  11. Those don't look old school, they look classic, classy, classific..OK I made that last one up. My only problem is now I will have to make yet another holster (or two) for my 1911.
  12. I was just finishing AIT in Aberdeen MD. About three days before we graduated (63H mechanic) Turkey and country that used to be called Cyprus started rattling sabers and they and they loaded us all on big C10s. I was sitting there with my M-16 in one hand and my tool box in the other. I guess I looked a little green around the gills (yeah I was scared) and our Master Sargent walked up to me and asked me if I was OK? I told him "Top, I'm a mechanic not infantry man" Hs response has bee with me since that day. Boy, when the shit hits the fan we's ALL 11 Bravos" Of course we didn't go to war that night but the following week I was given orders to the 8th infantry Div....
  13. I'm Fredo and I am a leather worker: My confession is I can't wait, so as I sit here and watch the Chocolate dye bleed through the layer of white leather paint I used for the flower I'm confused. I'm not confused as to why it's bleeding through, I know it's because I didn't wait long enough for the dye to dry. My confusion is: Why Did I Do That? They say confession is good for the soul, maybe it is but it doesn't help the 5 hours of work I just ruined.
  14. Belt I just Finished

    That looks pretty good, sturdy and should last you a few years. I just got my 3200 last week. They are fun aren't they?