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  1. Sad News! Those Who Knew Drac

    I have not been on for awhile and just seen this where Drac ended his life. I am very sorry and our prayers and thoughs will be with his family and friends. Long time ago I built my belt displays off of his display cabnets. He was very nice and creative. So sad.
  2. Hello, My name is larry and I am 62yrs old. I would like to be able to get to the adult section of leather work. Thank you larry Name: Larry UserName: LarryB IP Address: Email Address:
  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I have done leather for several years but want to learn about doing holsters and this is great to help me with. I printed this out to study. Thank you, larry
  4. Tried Hermann Oak today

    Could I get the information from you on Kevin in Springfield? I'd like to give this leather a try next time I order. Send it to me by email if its not a problem. Thanks
  5. 5x8 Organizer

    Turned out really nice. Very nice in fact. thanks for sharing
  6. I also just got a toro 3000 so I am trying to learn. Hope to hear more tips. Thanks so far for the tips.
  7. El Vaquero Muerto

    Welcome to the group..... Great work, hope to see more.
  8. Guitar Pick Guard

    Can't wait to seeit colored.. really nice.
  9. I've used and owned a badger 150 for years. Love it. However now I want to get an airbrush that will do smaller more detailed spray. But if your like me... you'll use it a lot. I did go in the spring and buy a larger air gun to spray my finish on some projects.
  10. My New Website

    Very nice website. I found it easy to use and interesting because its so different. Nice work too.
  11. Great Idea, thanks so much... I'm going to do the same thing. This sounds like a saver. Thanks for sharing Larry
  12. Organizing and Storing Chap Leather

    I cut plastic pipe about 4" round and about 4' long, then rolled my leather, put it in these and caps on both ends... then into a roll around trash can. Now I need more because around the pipes I have leather rolled on cardboard tubes that are also in the trash can. Yeah I know,... I'm getting sloppy lol >>> Old age <<< lol
  13. Hi, My wife and went threw this. We sell at a small farmers market on sat morning. They never like the belts we have laying we ask them what they want and make it. Many of them have been the wrong size so now we take the belt they are wearing and measure it and then its not fool proof, we had them place the belt on thier belly rather than below then complaine that its not large enough. Now we make the belt a little longer than what they need and use the center hole measurement that they are using which gives them a little leway. I have no idea how a person can sell belts over the internet. I am sitting there and still fight to get it right. I have the book that Al wrote on Belts and its great and thats the way we measure. Ok I better shut up.. just wanted to put in my two cents so you don't feel bad for dealing with this, your not the only one that has went down this road. later, my friend Larry
  14. Very very nice Looks great hope to see more of your work.

    Yaklady that is soooo nice. Love the colors and how you used them.