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  1. site chat

    @Halitech thanks for setting up a room, I forgot how much fun that is
  2. site chat

    ya, I uh... read through this thread a little better and figured it out, (dur). Thanks guys
  3. site chat

    pardon my naiveté but how does one enter chat? I've looked all over the site and can't find a chat room, unless you all are on another site....
  4. Hello and Goodbye

    Well said sir! hope you are listening @Mjolnir
  5. Hello and Goodbye

    I've read all the Douglas Adams books but the only quote I can think of right now is "so long and thanks for all the fish!" but as that would be the worst possible quote for this circumstance, I won't use it! Please stay @Mjolnir, we need creative people like you around here.
  6. Show your Shop

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot
  7. Show your Shop

    nope, never been on any of the unreality shows about Alaska, maybe you saw me in town or something when you were up here last. my wife makes the hats by herself, she dabbles in leather work with me, but is more interested in fur and wool, she loves to make felted items like they do in central Asia and Russia. And one of the things that she makes is felted boots, if you ever get a pair, you won't be interested in mukluks anymore. Her felted boots are just as good or better than any of the commercial mukluks, only the traditional mukluks that are made from seal skin are better. you should check them out on our wordpress page in my signature
  8. Show your Shop

    my wife makes all the fur hats for our family, so we hang up the extra pelts on the wall until we need them
  9. Box

    nice box stitching
  10. bitten by the boot bug

    I will definitely check that out, thank you!
  11. bitten by the boot bug

    wow! you are a lot farther down this road than I am. Thank you for the comment and link, I will be reading your site for the next couple of days as I get time, and putting books in the amazon basket. Thank you, from the bottom of my feet! lol
  12. Show your Shop

    Thank you, It actually does surprisingly well, probably because I use a small sheet of 3/4" steel when I set rivets or stamps. P.S. It's -25 right now, they're calling for -30 by tomorrow Not anymore! Lol Thanks Sioux! We like it too, very cozy
  13. Show your Shop

    I've been so inspired by all of you and your workspaces, from the little hole in the wall places to the big professional shops. Thank you everyone for sharing. So, now I've decided that I "need" a dedicated leather workspace of my own, so I gave away my old recliner and set up a table in the corner of my living room by the wood stove.
  14. Optimum Workshop?

    oh man, you have no idea the can of worms you've opened with that question, lol by all accounts, it seems that everyone has different needs for a workshop, and different ways of setting up their workspace. and some of us don't have a regular workspace at all, I work out of a bag, so I work on my projects at the kitchen table/friends house/leather class/or wherever I feel like. Just start with a work bench and add or change your configuration when you need to.
  15. Venice

    this piece looks amazing, good job, your detail and coloring is beautiful