Custom flogger/whip handle design

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Just noticed Drac's tutorial and wanted to share my own design for a wooden handled flogger...

I used a skipping rope handle as such.

On a single plain it would move as such (as in on a lathe)

straight for 8mm, at 15mm wide (end notch)

Straight up to 20mm thick...

Curves over the next inch, first out a few mm then back in, then out again over a longer distance of almost three inches but the same curvature continues until the end is about 10mm wide...

Next the leather tails

Leather/suede split etc, as long as you want the tails to be Ideally with beech or similar density about 22" works well for balance...

About 12 inches wide...(going from memory) if it's roled up along this width tightly it should match the end nocth width of the wooden handle....

Hope your following so far...I can maybe add a finished picture of it later to show the outcome....

Leave alone the first 1/4 - 1/2 inch of leather along the width, then cut strands of 3-5mm wide down the remaining length of the leather...

Next the glue to use

Theres a 2 part glue used not sure which brand it was but it was for woodwork and burns leather as both parts are mixed,

The first part is a spray, the second part is a liquid...

Roll the laced leather up after spreading a thin layer of the liquid glue over the last quarter inch section, when it's all rolled up spray the end with the spray stuff. It will become a solid block of plasticy like substance...and it may melt the leather a wee bit too.

Take one small strip of leather now, and spread that thick with the bottle of liquid glue stuff (this piece should be long enough to cover the half inch of glued end of the lace bundle and the notched piece of the wooden handle, the width should of course be adjusted to wrap the whole way around the handle. creating a joint between the two...

Next before spraying the end here, wrap your linen or sinew or what ever, over the wooden handle bit using two strands of fairly thick stuff...

Once it's wrapped remove one length of the thread, leaving an alternating thread gap thread gap thread gap sequence. coat again in the bottle liquid, smooth it and spray it as quickly as possible. Again it will go plasticy....

After this simply cover the wrap with a braided knot of your choice.

I found a picture here of my original proto type design....15246895.Newwhipsmall.jpg

The strands here I used where with an inner core of black suede about 1.2mm thick, with an outer wraping of purple suede same thickness.

Of course you could use a fully braided handle after this point and play around with different handle shapes but this one fits most hands well I discovered...

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Wheres da pix?

Gotta have the pix....

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Just tried again and no luck, bear with me here....sorry about this

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