Saddle Soap Application Methods

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Hi everyone,

Recently I've been using fiebings paste saddle soap to finish my edges and I've come across a few problems.

So I use canvas to apply the saddle soap to my edges however it can spread around and sometimes cover my stitching. While I don't really want to dig small pieces of saddle soap out and around of my stitching, it's worse when you have white stitching and your yellow saddle soap discolors your stitching...

Also, I use a hand dremel with wooden attachments to burnish after applying saddle bar soap which works great, but I'm not sure how to attach canvas to a hand dremel and use paste saddle soap to finish my leather. Any ideas?


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I just use my index finger and a lot of patience to make sure I get the soap just on the edge, and I try to do an initial "work in" by hand before using canvas or a wood slicker.  

As for discoloration, you can buy Fiebing's SS in a white paste that does the same job as the yellow and doesn't discolor anything.

Good luck!

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