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  1. Arbor Press

    thank you that is the set up i was looking for
  2. Arbor Press

    Thank you all
  3. Arbor Press

    How to use an arbor press as a die press is this possible Thank youn
  4. Main Thread Co

    thank you all so much sorry late riply
  5. Main Thread Co

    thank you i got one ordered one yesterday
  6. Main Thread Co

    thank you so much
  7. Main Thread Co

    thank you i use 1/8' diamond spacing still using the tandy ones i need to upgrade any suggestions
  8. Main Thread Co

    Thank you i make cases for cigar cutters and lighters what size you think would work for what i make was thinking the .040
  9. Main Thread Co

    was thinking about getting some thread from Main thread Co has anyone used them pros and cons and what size is good for small projects like small cases thank you
  10. Transferring Patterns To Leather

    if you are printing patterns Hobby Lobby has clear acrylic that can be printed on with ink jet
  11. Bag

    nice love the carving
  12. Cobra Skin Bracelet

    nice looks good
  13. nice case always love your carving